Zemfira* moved out of Renata Litvinova’s Paris apartment after a fight

Update Post: November 30, 2023 12:07 am

Singer Zemfira. Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

Renata Litvinova left Russia in the spring of 2022. The actress settled in Paris, where she has her own apartment. Her friend Zemfira * went with her to France. Until recently, the singer lived in Renata’s Parisian apartment.

The friends made joint creative plans for the future. Zemfira wrote the music for Litvinova’s play “Cactus”, which, however, did not have much success with the public. At the same time, the singer abroad earned much more than the actress. Although Zemfira’s concerts abroad cost several times cheaper than in Russia, her income was much higher than the income from Renata’s performances.

It seemed like no circumstance could destroy an 18-year friendship. But recently, Internet users noticed that Renata and Zemfira stopped following each other on social media. A black cat ran among the friends. After a fight, the singer moved out of Litvinova’s apartment in Paris and now lives separately.

“Zemfira lives alone. This is the result of her own choice. Renata Litvinova seems like a very worried person,” a source told mk.ru.

Renata Litvinova left Russia in the spring of 2022. Photo: social networks.

Apparently, it’s not just Renata who is worried: Zemfira recently caused a pogrom in the dressing room during a concert in Kazakhstan. Social media immediately linked this incident to her fight with Litvinova. Perhaps the artist is so worried that she cannot control her emotions, fueled by a strong dose of alcohol, indicates the tour rider.

As for Litvinova, she has lost a lot of weight lately. Recently, the actress was on vacation by the sea and shared bikini photos on social media. Litvinova’s subscribers were horrified by her emaciated appearance. The artist was literally thin to the bone: sharp cheekbones, arms like twigs, not a hint of fat on her legs. Renata apparently exhausts herself on a strict diet, which can ultimately lead to anorexia. The sickly appearance of the actress does not inspire delight, but, on the contrary, evokes pity.

*Recognized as a foreign agent in Russia.

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