Where have these footballers gone? 17 people who haven’t played a single minute in the RPL this season

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Almost a third of the RPL season is behind us. Nine rounds were played, the leaders were determined and some of Spartak were even crowned ahead of schedule and in a hurry. The transfer window has closed, the teams have strengthened, but some players you know well have not yet taken the field in Premier League matches. Some due to injuries, others due to the fact that they simply do not make the team and only get time in the Cup. We collected the main ones. After all, some names can definitely surprise you.

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Denis Adamov, 25 years old, Zenit

Last season, Adamov was one of Sochi’s two main goalkeepers and he looked great. Not in vain did Zenit become interested. True, he entered the club in an unclear position: St. Petersburg has the first goalkeeper in Kerzhakov and a replacement in Vasyutin, so Adamov became the third. So far he has not received time even in the Russian Cup. But, of course, he is waiting for his opportunity.

Denis Adamov

Photo: fc-zenit.ru

Marinato Guilherme, 37 years old, Lokomotiv

After the arrival of Lantratov, Guilherme became the second and sometimes third goalkeeper. This season he has only a couple of games in the Cup. Taking into account Ilya’s confident play, it is unlikely that Marinato will have a chance to displace him. But there is also young Khudyakov. However, for Gil’s coaching staff, the second tournament is the most preferable option.

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Stanislav Agkatsev, 21 years old, Krasnodar

At the end of last season, it seemed like this was the moment when Agkatsev could become Ivic’s first choice. Place based on the Cup Superfinal, a couple of games from the championship. But in the new season, Safonov returned to the picture and again acts reliably. So the only thing left for Agkatsev is to qualify for the Cup.

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Pavel Maslov, 23 years old, Spartak

In the summer, Maslov could have left Spartak, but for unknown reasons it did not work out. The footballer himself stated that it is not about the salary. Although there seemed to be interest on Fakel’s part. This season Pavel has one incomplete match in the Cup and that’s it. Abascal does not see the boy either in the center or on the defensive flank. Although back in the 2020/2021 season Maslov was the main one.

Pavel Maslov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

León Klassen, 23 years old, Spartak

Another Spartak defender is in a similar situation. At the same time, he plays more often than Maslov: up to three matches in the Russian Cup and even scored two goals. In general, fans and members have a warm attitude towards León. But yes, he has a hard time competing with current defensive players. I could have left, but it didn’t work either. So at least until winter we will have to wait for injuries to competitors or a miracle.

Egor Sorokin, 27 years old, Rubin

The defender stopped playing in the RPL with the arrival of Ivic in Krasnodar. Simply zero possibilities. Some wrote about disagreements with the management, others about misunderstandings with the coach. One way or another, in September he was handed over to Rubin. But here too everything is sad so far: only one Cup match. Maybe it’s worth getting fit to have a chance.

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Milan Majstorovic, 18 years old, Dinamo

The Serbian broke into the first team with Slavis Jokanovic, but then suffered a terrible cruciate ligament tear. At the end of May, Milan underwent surgery. He is now recovering and hopes to start training at the end of the year. Marcel Lička could certainly use a qualified footballer in the center of defence.

Milan Majstorovich takes the ball away from Khyzyr Appaev

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Milos Shatara, 27 years old, “Akhmat”

The Bosnian defender arrived in Russia at the beginning of 2023 and immediately joined Tashuev. But after seven games he also suffered a torn cruciate ligament. Next up is surgery in Italy and recovery. Shatara is expected to start training soon. Akhmat, even with a new coach, will definitely strengthen him.

Ilya Gaponov, 25 years old, “Wings of the Soviets”

Last season, Gaponov was one of the main defenders, but the new one started in the reserve. He didn’t even play in the cup games and then he got injured. He is now recovering, although it is unclear when he will return to normal. The defender’s contract with Krylia expires in the summer of 2024. That is why it is better to heal the sores as quickly as possible to demonstrate his need and durability.

Ilya Gaponov

Photo: RIA Novosti

Tomás Tavares, 22 years old, Spartak

The rupture of the cruciate ligament in the national team is a shock for Spartak. Especially considering that for Tavares this is already the second injury of this type in his career. Since this happened in the summer, he probably won’t be able to start training until the end of the year. This means that, at best, we should expect his return to the field in the spring.

Thomas Tavares

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Igor Diveev, 23 years old, CSKA

The CSKA player was injured in the Super Cup match against Zenit and it immediately became clear that the situation was serious. He had surgery in Germany, return to Russia and long rehabilitation. This year no one expects Diveev on the field. Best case scenario, he will return to winter training camp.

Artyom Meshchaninov, 27 years old, Sochi

The player sat fully on the bench last spring. Basically, with the arrival of Dmitry Khokhlov. Under the now former coach, Meshchaninov rarely had playing time, but he appeared in the first match with Tochilin. Yes, not for 90 minutes, but the indicator is still not bad. Perhaps if Alexander remains in this position, the defender will appear on the field more often.


Thomas Muro, 21 years old, Orenburg

Thomas managed to play a couple of games in the Cup and none in the Championship. And at the beginning of August a terrible cruciate ligament injury occurred. The forecast is a return to spring. Considering that Wall has just arrived in Russia, this is a completely nightmarish plot.

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Stanislav Magkeev, 24 years old, Lokomotiv

Magkeev’s second “crossings” occurred in early May. The operation is now behind us and now the recovery process is active. We’re unlikely to see Stanislav on the field until the end of the year, but he should be fine by spring. Lokomotiv definitely misses him.

Stanislav Magkeev

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”


Moisés Kobnan, 21 years old, Krasnodar

The Nigerian played a lot in the spring, but apparently did not impress Ivic. It is not surprising, because there were almost no effective actions. That is why it is logical that after the summer camp he sat on the bench. He now plays exclusively in the Cup, he even scored once, but nothing remarkable. It will come as no surprise to anyone if Moses leaves the club entirely this winter.

Moisés Cobnan

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Rai Vlut, 28 years old, Ural

The striker left at the end of May due to an injury, an unpleasant story with his calcaneus. Recovery was supposed to take three to four months. Therefore, in the near future, Vlut, sentenced to prison in his homeland, should return to the countryside.

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Lechi Sadulaev, 23 years old, “Akhmat”

Another Akhmat footballer who was injured in the spring. And these are also cruciate ligaments. Recently, the Club’s general director announced that Lechi would return to training in the winter training camp. Since there is no point in forcing preparation. A decent boost for Romashchenko for the spring portion of the season.

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