What kind of tattoos do fitness models and trainers decorate their luxurious backs with: sketches and 7 real photos

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In the modern world, tattoos have become completely common. This is one of the forms of self-expression. Drawings on the body almost do not provoke negative emotions among others and are not perceived as an element of belonging to a certain social group. Tattoos are something like an individual attribute: watches, bracelets. The difference is that they cannot be deleted. Both men and women get tattoos.

orange blossom physical trainer

Photo: Azahara’s personal archive.

On athletic girls, the designs look especially aesthetic and harmonious. A toned body is literally made for tattoos. This is what the fair sex uses to cause a sensation in public and draw attention to themselves. For some, this psychological aspect is very important.

The places to get tattoos are varied. Girls, like men, adorn all parts of the body. Here the choice depends more on personal preferences. However, according to tattoo artists, some areas are still more suitable for tattooing. For example, the back. Getting a tattoo in this area is beneficial in every way. Because? Let’s figure it out.

physical trainer, bodybuilder Javera González Louise

Photo: personal archive of Javera González Luisa

Why do girls choose the back?

1. Aesthetics

Many women decide to get a back tattoo because they believe it will make their lower back look more feminine and seductive. For some, this gives them additional confidence and determination.

Physical trainer, bodybuilder Nicolas Numpal

Photo: personal archive of Nicolas Numpal

2. Mystery

Most women prefer to get a back tattoo because it is not visible to others (unless you want to show off the design yourself). Even in summer, you can put a shirt on top and your tattoo will remain a secret to everyone. In this case, it is easy to comply with the dress code. With tattoos on the forearms or ankles, for example, this is more difficult to do.

Fitness trainer Abigail White

Photo: personal archive of Abigail White

3. Expression of individuality

If you get a tattoo on your back, you definitely can’t be accused of it being just an external attribute. Girls who choose designs on this part of the body approach the topic thoroughly and give it a certain meaning. For some, this is an opportunity to show their freedom and independence, for others – to show their connection with an important event.

fitness model julia pling

Photo: personal archive of Julia Pling.

4. Minimum sensitivity

As tattoo artists point out, the back is the least painless part of the body to get tattooed. Here the nerve endings are located under the layer of fat and therefore the stinging sensations will not be as strong. The exception is the area along the spine. Getting a tattoo here is painful. We will have to be patient. Maybe even use pain relievers.

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What areas of the back are most frequently chosen?

It is impossible to point out any particular area. There are no trends or trends here. As we said above, as a rule, a tattoo on the back for a woman is an opportunity to show her individuality and inner feelings of hers that she does not particularly want to show. For this reason, different areas of the back are chosen.

tattoo artist, owner of Egor Zverev’s Tattoo Studio

“As for placement on body parts, there are no patterns in the choice of design. The main thing is that a specific sketch organically fits into a shaped and dynamic part of the body. I always warn clients about this. A tattoo on the back aesthetically emphasizes a woman’s narrow waist and certainly looks very attractive.”

fitness model chloe

Photo: Chloe’s personal archive.

Meanings of tattoos on the back.

In most cases, tattoos on the back have a symbolic meaning for the owner: it can be an emblem of belonging to a certain group, religion or culture. Also, a sample of some important moments in life.

Girls usually write statements from important and authoritative people, quotes from wise men, philosophers, or phrases from their favorite works along their spines. Thus, the drawings become a kind of motivating factor for the owners, giving them strength in difficult times.

fitness model Ashia Shisel

Photo: personal archive of Ashia Shisel

Images of animals or sketches of insects express respect and admiration for the forces of nature, as well as love for the surrounding world. In addition, these tattoos usually represent desires or goals that the owner wants to achieve: for example, a drawing of a tiger or a lion demonstrates strength and power, which help to achieve heights.

Back tattoos in the shape of crosses or angels are also a fairly common type of design. They can be of great importance to the owner. These tattoos often symbolize your life principles or your belonging to a certain faith.

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