Unions launch partial strike at Amazon with walkouts on Black Friday

Update Post: November 28, 2023 10:50 pm

Date: November 20, 2023 Time: 19:42:59

In the middle of Black Friday. The CCOO union has put on the table a call for a partial strike in all Amazon workplaces in Spain on November 27 and 28, right in the final stretch of the most relevant ‘pre-Christmas’ sales period. The organization announces that it has submitted the documentation to the Mediation Service (Sima) and calls on the management of the e-commerce giant to negotiate to stop it. They describe a “delicate” situation with security and human resources problems in addition to “insufficient salaries.” They propose one-hour stoppages in each of the shifts.

In a letter sent to the management of Amazon’s logistics divisions in Spain, CCOO assures that the company “does not offer any reasonable solution to these conflicts.” This has led to three strikes on each of the two days. This could logically complicate potential product returns after this week of sales and will make the operation of what is known as Cyber ​​​​Monday, which is celebrated next Monday, difficult.

The organization points out three key points. One of them has to do with “insufficient salaries compared to the responsibilities and demands of the position.” In this sense, he regrets that the company is paying “minimum wages” of the sector in each province, “It is not a correct or fair decision; although the company gives us improvements, in no case does it compensate for what it demands of us every day” , he points out.

On the other hand, it points to the “insufficient health protection” of employees. He points to the “countless” complaints about the company’s failure to recognize the “presumption of employment of various damages suffered to our health possibly caused by work.” He goes further and warns that he has verified together with the Labor Inspection that the accident management system implemented by the giant “is hiding possible failures in safety measures.”

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