Transporters reproach Moncloa for its silence regarding the problem of rising diesel prices

Update Post: December 9, 2023 9:48 am

Date: September 25, 2023 Time: 20:42:05

The Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport (CETM), the majority employers’ association in the road transport sector, has criticized the Government for its lack of response to its claim immediately regarding fuel prices that have already added up to consecutive weekly increases. The organization, which represents more than 31,000 transport and logistics companies, thus reiterates its request to recover the initial fuel allocation of 20 cents for transporters.

In a statement issued this Monday, the employers’ association argues that analysts predict that prices will continue to rise unstoppably given the cuts in oil supply that producing countries are carrying out. With less than a week until the compensation for transport fuel goes from ten to five cents, the Executive has not given any response to the CETM request so that the sector can recover the initial amount of 20 cents per liter consumed . , despite the fact that the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda itself promised to review the aid if the situation worsened.

The Confederation calls it “offensive” that the road freight transport sector “has to wait until the last day”, as has happened on previous occasions, to find out if its requests are attended to and to be able to continue with the activity and management of its companies. In addition, the Employers’ Association Emphasizes the “Strong Concern” Among Transport Companies and Self-Employed Not Only Have Fuels Increased Disproportionately, So Have Other Costs Such as Salaries, Insurance, Tires or Vehicles.

They warn of “serious damage” to the economy

This scenario, they explain, is leading them to live in an “unsustainable” situation, which is aggravated by the collapse of consumption weighed down by inflation, which is reducing their activity and further damaging the state of their accounts. And they warn that if the Government does not take action on the problem that affects a sector of this caliber, “the consequences will be unpredictable, and could cause serious damage to the Spanish economy as a whole.”

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September 25, 2023 2:42 pm