“Torch” – “Ruby”. Sergey Tashuev is on the right track

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On September 25, the match of the ninth round of the Russian Premier League “Fakel” – “Rubin” will take place. The game starts at 19:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their forecasts give preference to the hosts: you can bet on the victory of the Voronezh team in bookmakers with odds of 2.50. At 3:00 p.m. the experts evaluated the success of the Kazan team. Tie bets are accepted at 3.40.

Bookmaker odds for the RPL Fakel – Rubin match on September 25, 2023

Bookmakers believe that the RPL Fakel – Rubin match will not be productive: a total of more than 2.5 goals is equal to 2.23, and a total of less than 2.5 goals is equal to 1.70. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.34. The away goal is available in betting houses with an odds of 1.41. You can bet on “both will score” for 1.95.

Analysis and forecast for the match on matchday 9 of the Russian Championship “Fakel” – “Rubin” (09/25/2023)

The Russian Premier League season is in full swing. On September 25 there will be a meeting that will close the 9th round program. At the Central Trade Union Stadium in Voronezh, local Fakel will host Rubin. The kick-off is scheduled for 19:00 Moscow time.

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In eight games of the Russian championship, Fakel only beat Paris NN (2-0) at their stadium. They tied with Krasnodar (0-0) and Ural (0-0). The situation is deplorable. The team occupies the penultimate place in the standings. There is a possibility that at the end of the season they will be relegated to the First League.

Most recently, “Fire Dangerous” experienced a head coaching change. Vadim Evseev was fired. The position was assumed by Sergey Tashuev. In the last two games under his leadership, the Voronezh team drew with Ural (0-0) and lost to Orenburg (0-0, 2-4 on penalties). Taking into account that in both cases they played away from home, the results are not bad.

“Fakel” did not lose to “Orenburg” in regular time, mainly thanks to the efforts of Vitaly Gudiev. The goalkeeper made up to seven saves. However, Tashuev’s work was also notable. The defenders did not allow the opponent to shoot from advantageous positions. The only bad thing is that Voronezh’s own players only hit 12 shots in these two matches. Only four of them got it right.

In terms of performance, things are even worse for the “flammable” teams than for the last place in the RPL, “Baltika”, which is experiencing big problems with implementation. In 12 games, Fakel scored only eight goals and lost twice as many: 17.

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Tashuev did not ignore the performance problem. He noted that he was concerned about the poor execution of the attacks by Voronezh forces. The coach highlighted that the team plays actively, tries to dominate, but there are no goals. He attributed it all to psychology and luck, but I think it’s something else: the lack of quality forwards.

Fortunately for Fakel, Rubin’s situation is no better. In eight meetings at the Russian Championship he alone defeated Krylia Sovetov (2:1). Kazan also drew with Lokomotiv (2-2), Orenburg (1-1) and Dinamo (2-2). What is striking is what they missed in each of these meetings.

In total, during this period, Rashid Rakhimov’s team conceded 18 goals, the most. It is noteworthy that the club missed two of them, playing in the majority, in the meeting with Dynamo. On defense, Rubin has a real passing yard. Defenders make mistakes regularly and 35-year-old Yuri Dupin doesn’t help as much as he used to.

On the other hand, Rakhimov gave Rubin a very attractive offensive game. Interestingly, his players have the highest expected goals rate on the road. The only bad thing is that the Kazan team does not take advantage of all the possibilities. In 12 games this season they have only scored 12 goals.

“Rubin” is approaching the next meeting, frankly, not in the best shape. He suffered defeats in his last two matches in the Russian Championship. El Rubí lost to Paris NN (1-2) and Zenit (0-3). It is important that the Kazan team put in a lot of effort in the match against St. Petersburg to avoid a crushing defeat. Still didn’t help.

The Voronezh team has a better tone than Rubin. In the last four matches of the Russian Championship they only lost once. There were also two ties. We suggest checking balls P1 + TM 3.5. Bets on this outcome are accepted at odds of 1.80.

Some progress has already been seen in Voronezh’s game under Tashuev. Little by little, the specialist gets used to the new club and develops his own football. The change of environment seemed to have a beneficial effect on him. There are preconditions for “flammable” issues to improve in the future. However, there is still much work ahead.

Looking ahead to the next match, the blue and whites have an additional advantage thanks to the incredible support of the local stands. They lost only 4 of their last 18 games in the Russian championship at the Central Trade Union Stadium. The only bad thing is that there are too many ties: nine.

Predictions and bets for the RPL “Fakel” – “Rubin” match on September 25, 2023

It is unlikely that many goals will be scored. We are waiting for a match in which two outsiders will face each other with poor execution of opportunities. This applies more to Fakel, but he fails much less often than Rubin. Kazan has total chaos in defense. There is a little more belief in the victory of the “flammable” ones. The match will take place at their home stadium. In addition, Tashuev’s works are gradually beginning to be useful. We propose to bet that the hosts will not lose and will “fall behind” in goals.

Tender: “Fakel” will not lose and the total will be less than 3.5 goals for 1.80.

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