Thongs and barely covered breasts: Nastya Ivleeva starred in erotic underwear

Update Post: November 28, 2023 11:19 pm

Anastasia took a couple of pictures while lying in bed. Photo: social networks.

Nastya Ivleeva spends her vacation in Italy. A few days ago, the television presenter visited Milan Fashion Week, where she posed on the red carpet with other guests at the show. And now the blogger is on vacation on the Amalfi coast.

On her social media page, Ivleeva shares photos taken at the hotel. Nastya shows off the views from the terrace and shows off her slender figure in a bikini. Deciding to add some hot content, the blonde posed in sexy lingerie and showed fans explicit shots.

The blonde posed in sexy lingerie and showed fans candid shots. Photo: social networks.

Anastasia took a couple of pictures while lying in bed. The TV presenter’s breasts are covered by an erotic scarlet bra with heart-shaped cups. There was also a spicy video: Ivleeva filmed herself standing in front of the mirror in the same miniature bra and panties.

In three months, Nastya radically lost weight. Over the summer she lost 14 kilograms. According to the blogger, in April she noticed that he had gained a lot of weight. In social networks, Ivleeva admitted that she was not happy with her appearance, so she decided to go on a diet and play sports. As a result of hard training, the TV presenter regained her refined cheekbones and sculpted abs.

Nastya made a sincere video. Photo: social networks.

“Thank God, from the beginning of May and throughout the summer a great movie happened in my life, which helped me get in shape. Minus 14 kg,” said the blonde, adding that she is already at her ideal weight.

Fans suspect that Nastya’s new love also helped her get rid of extra pounds. According to rumors, Ivleeva, 32, is dating 21-year-old model Boris Makhmurov. Boris is still a student, studying at the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation and at the same time working as a model.

In three months, Nastya radically lost weight. Photo: social networks.

Recall that in the spring of 2021, Ivleeva separated from her husband, rapper Alexey Uzenyuk (performs under the pseudonym Eldzhey). They married in 2019 and lived together for two years. The blogger and musician hid his divorce for a long time and announced the breakup only a few months later. According to the former spouses, they broke up without scandals. Nastya explained the reason for the separation by saying that her marriage had become too calm and uninteresting.

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