This is the Black Friday Cup: date of the draw and how much money the winner gets

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On Friday, November 24, Black Friday is celebrated and the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE) holds a special raffle: ‘Black Friday Coupon’. Thanks to this, participants who love these lotteries have a new opportunity to win an economic prize (such as Euromillions, Eurodreams or Bonoloto). In addition, they can get hundreds of gift cards to spend in stores on products associated with technology, fashion and entertainment. This is how this giveaway works.

How and when can you participate in the Black Friday Cuponazo?

Participating in the Black Friday Coupon is very simple. You just have to buy one of the tickets for 3 euros, in physical or pre-printed format, sold by the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE). Just by having a participation, you already aspire to the possibility of reaching the financial prize and the gift cards. The requirement is that you must be 18 years old to be able to join the draw.

Once purchased, the data must be entered on the website created for these special ONCE draws ( Each registration of a ticket implies participation in the gift card drawing.

The period to register the coupons on the ONCE website started on November 13 and will remain operational until the day of the draw, November 24. Those who enter will have the opportunity to get, through the winning mechanism, one of the 134 packs made up of a combination of gift cards from different brands and retail establishments linked to the world of technology, fashion and entertainment.

BlackFriday coupon: list of prizes

As for the money raffled by the ONCE Cuponazo, this will not be different from what is raffled off on any conventional Friday. Each ticket offers for three euros, a 5-figure prize and series of 6 million euros. In addition, 134 prizes of 40,000 euros can be won for the 5 digits of the winning number.

With the new drawing model, a prize of 500 euros for the first four and last four figures; 50 euros for the first three and last three figures; 6 euros for the first two figures and the last two; and refund of 3 euros to the first figure (first refund) and to the last figure (second refund).

As for the gift coupons that are raffled, these will offer 47 technological packs, consisting of PcComponentes gift cards worth 50 euros, and Fnac gift cards worth 50 euros; 47 fashion packs, consisting of Zalando gift cards worth 50 euros, and Inditex gift cards worth 50 euros; and 40 entertainment packs, consisting of Amazon gift cards worth 50 euros, and Spotify gift cards worth 60 euros.

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