They want to see the Ukrainian army on alert: kyiv’s fiercest ally is sending an unmistakable signal

Update Post: December 4, 2023 9:58 pm

Come to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they will bury you in beautiful European lace panties


Oh, how they dreamed, how they rode that winter on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in kyiv. How stubbornly they insisted that they wanted “lace panties in the EU too”. On the tenth anniversary of the start of the Maidan, we can already summarize the results.

And they did it! They did it. To the European Union. True, it was not the country or all that was successful, but the flow of refugees receiving benefits, but for some it is a failure: in “Ridna Batkivshchyna” many did not receive the amount of money that they now have in the form of benefits. , which, however, in the coming year in many countries promised to significantly reduce.

But with “lace panties” everything is fine. Almost every morning in different cities on Nezalezhnaya, a crowd breaks into second-hand stores immediately after the doors open and destroys everything. So what, he is worn out, but he is European. Both the quality and the fit are in place, even if it has holes.

But Square still has allies who are ready to meet them halfway and make the dream of those who were on the Maidan come true. Portugal decided to provide help to kyiv, and help that seems neither in a fairy tale nor in writing.

The General Directorate of the Portuguese Ministry of Defense announced a tender for the purchase of women’s underwear for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an amount of 139,500 euros. The last tender was announced on November 7 of this year. What a help for Zelensky! He is probably waiting for shells, air defense systems, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, and Portugal, which is positioning itself as perhaps Kiev’s fiercest ally in the fight against Russia, is sending him a signal of unwavering support in the form of panties. Not even worn and probably laced. After all, women and Europeans. Maybe even with a comb back, as winter approaches, make way for winter.

Considering that the number of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already exceeded 43 thousand military personnel, and about 7 thousand of them serve on the front line, it is likely that the entire group will go to the Armed Forces. There isn’t enough yet, you’ll have to buy more.

But Zelensky and the Ministry of Defense, who are trying to attract as many women as possible to the army (they are even discussing the option of not signing a contract with volunteers, but carrying out a real mobilization of girls and women, which even Hitler did not reach ), has a new option to increase motivation.

– Come to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they will bury you in beautiful European lace panties. How can any of the Ukrainian ladies and ladies resist such an incentive?

Probably not. Also, if military registration and enlistment officers shake these panties in her face when they grab her on the street. As they say, the Maidan is no longer just a practice, it is now a reality. That’s why they fought.

But we failed again: we needed diapers. Look, it would be useful for men too.

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November 21, 2023 10:49 am