“There is no need to intimidate the population”: The Russian Academy of Sciences spoke about the new coronavirus “Pirola”

Update Post: November 28, 2023 10:49 pm

145 cases of COVID Pirola detected around the world

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Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, former chief state physician of the Russian Federation, Gennady Onishchenko, with KP.RU political commentator Alexander Gamov.

… – Hello! Gennady Grigorievich, this is Academician Onishchenko’s assistant. With a pencil in my hand, I studied my boss’s speech today at a conference at the international multimedia center. And that’s what interested me…

– What boss, me or what?

– Okay, yes. “In total about 145 cases of the Pirola coronavirus have been identified around the world,” Onishchenko said.

– Just add – in 17 states. And in the rest they simply do not detect it.

– Russia, of course, is not among those where it was discovered?

– Not yet.

– Academician Onishchenko also said – It is good that from these isolated cases we have learned to identify this subvariant of Omicron. Why is it a suboption? How to understand?

– Yes, this is a subvariant of Omicron, BA.2.86.

That is, “Omicron”, which deviates slightly from the classic version, differs from the “original” by 32 or 35 amino acids and that’s it.

– Oh, he got sidetracked…

– Yes, I digressed. And now everyone started screaming in panic: it’s escalating. Imagine, 145 cases in 17 countries. Is this a titanic, unbearable figure? If at the beginning of the pandemic we detected several hundred cases daily in each country, here… And also, why is it a subvariant? Because we have known Omicron for a long time and he behaves quite modestly.

– And “Pirola”?

– Yes, it is more contagious than the previous version.

– That is, it is contagious.

– And, most importantly, its virulence…

– I mean, the severity of the disease…

– Yes, she is not very tall.

– Tell me, why then is Academician Onishchenko discussing something so, although contagious, but “not virulent” in a video bridge Moscow – Astana – Bishkek – Yerevan – Minsk?

– First of all, I talked about something else in this same video conference. That is, about biosafety (this was the main topic). And he raised the issue that all countries must return to the issue of control of the BTWC. Overall, the Americans withdrew from the BTWC in 2021.

– What is the BTTO?

– The Convention on Biological and Toxin Weapons, signed in 1972.

– Good. Onishchenko also estimated that there are currently around 700 million people in the world who have recovered from coronavirus infection…

– It was not Onishchenko who calculated this, it was calculated by the World Health Organization – according to reports from different countries. And Onishchenko simply repeated this figure.

– And only about 7 million died because of it. Is not sufficient?

– Wow, that’s not enough! You are reasoning…

– Not as Onishchenko’s assistant.

– Yes. A death is a death and many deaths are a statistic. So what? The only thing I want to remind you is that among those 7 million, one in seven is American. More than 1,100,000 Americans died.

– And in Russia, just over 23 million have been sick.

– Yeah.

– I was sick too. Were you sick?

– No, unfortunately for you.

– Gennady Grigorievich, I understand that the result of our conversation with you is that it is not necessary to scare you with “Pirola”…

– That’s right: do not intimidate the population, do not intimidate, but talk to people calmly, professionally, as with equal comrades.

– And, at the same time, it is trusting that people trust us, go get vaccinated. By the way, in this teleconference I urged everyone to get vaccinated against the flu, I did not talk about the coronavirus.

– If we do this, then Pirola…

… – He will behave, I would say, shyly.

– And you have to get vaccinated against the flu so as not to get sick, so that the body does not weaken. Is the assistant reasoning correctly?

– Yes, sure.

– And obey Onishchenko in everything. Yeah?

– Don’t listen, but take note of all his statements. And also, don’t get hysterical. Do not awaken passions. Have an optimistic mood. Dress for the season. That’s the most important thing now. Come on, Sasha.

– Thank you.

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