The Prosecutor’s Office accuses Shakira of a new alleged tax fraud of 6.6 million

Update Post: November 28, 2023 9:54 am

The singer Shakira is once again the protagonist of a new lawsuit for alleged fraud against the Treasury. On this occasion, the Economic Crimes Prosecutor’s Office believes that we use a network of companies “in countries with low taxation and high opacity” to pay less taxes and has filed a complaint against the international artist accusing her of fraud in which she estimates a debt of 6.68 6,502 euros. with the 2018 declaration of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and the Wealth Tax (IP). As Shakira now lives in Miami, the Prosecutor’s Office has requested that the interrogation of the singer during the investigation of this case can be done by videoconference.

The complaint has been filed in the courts of Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), where the Prosecutor’s Office states that the singer resides and where in July the Investigating Court 2 opened this second case against Shakira for alleged crimes against the Treasury. In parallel, Shakira is awaiting trial (scheduled for November 20) for allegedly defrauding the Treasury of 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014 with these same taxes.

This is the new complaint against Shakira

Being a tax resident in Spain, he was obliged to present the corresponding Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Wealth Tax (IP) declarations, paying tax on his entire world income regardless of the place where it had been produced and regardless of the residence of the payer, arts.2 and 8.1.a) of the Personal Tax Law (LIRPF) and for the entirety of his or her assets regardless of the place where it was generated or located, art. 5.1.a) of the Wealth Tax Law (LIP).”

And he continued the text consulted by this newspaper by assuring that specifically, “The Queellada, in its non-declaratory tax returns of 12.5 million dollars Corrers Corrers Pondientes to the El Dorado World Tour, did not declare corporate income, deducted fees for duplication and deducted unjustified personal expenses.

Specifically, the prosecutor believes that Shakira defrauded 5,361,146 euros in personal income tax in 2018, for which she claims 6,061,316 euros taking into account what she has voluntarily paid in and late payment interest; and that she allegedly defrauded 773,600 euros with the IP, for which she claims a debt of 625,190 euros. This is how the text details that:

Failed to declare import income of 12.5 million dollars, received in the form of an advance in fiscal year 2011 and accrued in fiscal year 2018 on the occasion of the “El Dorado” musical tour. Failed to declare import income exceeding 2.5 million of euros, which were resident in two intermediary companies GGT and AC. He deducted duplicate expenses for importation exceeding 3 million euros. He deducted expenses for amortization of his own musical rights for imports exceeding 3 million euros He deducted personal expenses and expenses not justified by import of more than €500,000

What supposed companies use Shakira?

The companies that were allegedly used to avoid taxes were incorporated in Luxembourg, Holland, Malta, Virgin Islands, Panama, Bahamas, United States, Liechenstein. We used one to receive income from musical rights, pay expenses for their musical activity, and regarding the others, the prosecutor states that “they lacked material and personal means to carry out any activity and the expenses they generated were purely administrative, related to the conduct and management of the companies and entities themselves”, and supposedly filed them to lower their tax returns.

They accuse of “untrue” statements

The prosecutor also considers that Shakira created a company in Spain that “was an instrumental company used by the defendant, which in fact did not carry out any activity, so all of the income and expenses recorded by this company had to be attributed to the Defendant in her personal income tax return.”

It states that Shakira, “moved by the desire not to pay taxes on all of her income and to stop paying what was due to her into the State Treasury, consciously and voluntarily submitted false personal income tax and IP declarations,” in which He allegedly omitted to declare income and deducted expenses that were not appropriate in order to reduce the amount he had to pay to the Treasury.

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