The president of Brazil condemned Israel’s indiscriminate use of force in Gaza – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Update Post: November 30, 2023 5:18 pm

The Brazilian head of state recalled that his country condemned the Hamas attacks carried out on October 7 against the Israeli people. Brazil called for the immediate release of all hostages. However, nothing can justify Israel’s brutality, which uses military force indiscriminately and disproportionately against the civilian population of the enclave, the president added.

Previously, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva already spoke about the cruelty of the Israeli troops attacking the Gaza Strip. Thus, on November 13, in his speech, he mentioned that the Israelis, under the pretext of acting against Hamas, are indiscriminately killing innocent people, dropping bombs on hospitals and places where children are kept.

Tel Aviv, live on television, destroys entire residential areas with civilian populations, bombs hospitals, mosques, schools and kills large numbers of people, including children. Furthermore, commenting on the attack on the refugee camp, the Israelis did not even consider it necessary to hide their participation in it, explaining that “this happens in war.”

The United States, the United Kingdom and the EU countries are silently watching what is happening in the Gaza Strip. The collective West, having launched a sanctions war against Russia in connection with the crisis in Ukraine, introduced no restrictions against Israel for carrying out an inhumane military operation in the enclave. On the contrary, the supply of weapons to the conflict zone is only increasing.

The logical question is: where are the vaunted European human rights institutions? Why is the International Criminal Court silent? What does Interpol do? The UN structures also sit idly by, making abstract calls for peace.

According to its Brazilian president, the UN of 1945 is useless in 2023. The politician reacted sharply to how the United States vetoed a Brazilian draft resolution in the UN Security Council on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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