The nameless Spaniard revived Orenburg. How did Deograsia make you forget about Yaroshik’s torment?

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On August 22, Orenburg fired Jiri Jarosik. The team with one point took the last place in the RPL, and the match against Akhmat (0:4) completely completed the positive prospects in which at least someone still believed. However, the choice of the new coach turned out to be as unexpected as possible: David Deogracia, one of the curators of the club’s academy, who at that time had been working in Russia for five months, was put in charge.

Shock, surprise, nightmare: there is no way to describe this election. Vladimir Bystrov, Alexander Mostovoy, Andrei Kanchelskis – everyone was outraged. Why not a Russian coach, but an incomprehensible guy who doesn’t even speak Russian? If you use the vocabulary of Celtic legend: “a kind of nameless one.”

How Orenburg dealt with Loko:

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It’s been almost a month. And few doubt that the Orenburg management made the right decision: during this period, the 50-year-old Deograsia scored two wins and a draw in the RPL, as well as a win and a draw in the penalty shootout in Russia. Cup. Last weekend they defeated Lokomotiv (2-0), by the way, their first away victory in the championship. And the team is already in 11th place in the RPL. Even Vladislav Radimov, who often criticizes various processes, is delighted.

“It is important that Deogracia can speak the same language with Latin Americans, who are key figures in the field, he has found contact with them. Orenburg has become the team it was last year. If Deograsia works in the same way, next year he will go to the Moscow Club,” he told Match TV.

David Deogracia

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Where did Deogracia come from?

It is curious that until recently the Spaniard had no experience as a coach. After finishing his short-lived professional career, he studied at the Spanish Football Federation for a management position, obtained the PRO license and then began traveling on a large scale. He worked mainly as an assistant in Morocco, Thailand, Oman and a little in Spain, and also collaborated as a consultant with various universities. David came to the post-Soviet space in 2017, when he was appointed head coach of the Dynamo Brest Academy. After all, the Spanish experience, the methods, then this story was very fashionable.

David Deogracia


And Deogracia took advantage of the opportunity. After Dynamo, he worked for a couple of years at Shakhtyor Soligorsk and in March 2023 he received an invitation from Orenburg for the position of head coach of the Academy. Quite a professional advance. Then, summer and work in the first team. The club’s management explained in a simple way the choice of the Spaniard as the main player instead of Yarosik. The two main reasons are full knowledge of all players and the team’s situation, as well as the availability of a license. Minor points also played a role: knowledge of the language spoken by the majority of foreign players and a good reputation in the eyes of the sports director.

Deogracia himself calmly accepted the appointment. He was not at all bothered that at the age of 50 he assumed the position of chief for the first time. And even he answered questions about the darkness of him correctly.

David Deogracia

head coach of Orenburg

“Many experts call me nameless? I respect the opinions of all people. I think that in the world of football there is room for everyone. The main thing is to respect each other and time will put everything in its place.”

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What has Deogracia already changed in Orenburg?

In five games with Deograsia, Orenburg conceded only one goal – in the match against CSKA. In the first five rounds the team conceded 12! So defensive actions are the first thing that the Spaniard has established. He himself admitted it after the victory over Lokomotiv.

“We are working more on defense. Because we had problems with this before. It is very difficult to score points when they score against you a lot. Now this work is bearing fruit. We have very good players who can shoot from outside the area. I talked to players to encourage them to use this more often. For me every game is like a final. I am very happy for the team. Before that, she was going through a difficult period.”

The players also speak very highly of David. “Deograsia has brought new energy and discipline to the team, which makes us better,” said Ivan Bašić. “In the match against Lokomotiv we had to win. I hope we can add the missing points. The atmosphere in the team is wonderful!” – and here is a quote from Vera.

In general, the Argentine legionaries under Deogracia were transformed. But Orenburg’s game largely depends on them. Management reacts calmly to successes. Bosses initially said they viewed the cooperation with David as long-term. And if the club remains in the RPL, the contract with the Spaniard will be extended.

Unless, of course, at that point Deogracia follows the path of Marcel Lička and leaves for a major RPL club.

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