The Kremlin commented on the death of former governor Kuzbass Tuleyev

Update Post: November 30, 2023 12:09 am

Date: November 20, 2023 Time: 16:40:37

Aman Tuleyev


On Monday, November 20, the legendary Russian politician, former governor of the Kemerovo region, Aman Tuleyev, passed away.

– Does the president plan to say goodbye to him personally?

This is how Dmitri Peskov responded to this question in his traditional briefing this Monday.

“We don’t have any details on this yet, we don’t,” the press secretary responded. – But, of course, you know that they had excellent personal relations: Putin and Tuleyev.

And Putin has always highly appreciated Tuleyev’s merits.

When Tuleyev was the head of the region, they communicated several times, including in very, very difficult situations.

For this reason, the President will soon send a telegram of condolences to the family and friends of Aman Tuleyev.

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November 20, 2023 10:40 am