The average salary is 176 thousand rubles: experts named the poorest and richest professions in Russia

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It is the professions of oil and gas workers that remain the highest paid in Russia.

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“I would dedicate myself to the oil industry” sounds a bit banal, but it is no less attractive (financially speaking). After all, despite all the sanctions and our own attempts to “move away from the resource-based economy”, it is the oil and gas industry professions that remain the highest paid in Russia. On average, these specialists earn 176 thousand rubles per month. In second place are management consultants, in third place are programmers (for details, see “Just numbers”). This was discovered by the experts of the FinExpertiza audit and consulting network based on data from Rosstat.

Experts also look at the opposite side of the pay scale. And we saw there clothing manufacturers, waiters with cooks and postmen – they have the lowest salaries in the country, on average less than 40 thousand rubles.

However, the situation is slowly improving and the wage gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” is narrowing. According to experts, salaries in the country increased by 13.8% during the year. But this is on average. And for the lowest paid profession, clothing manufacturers, income increased by almost a third! Following the departure of dozens of Western companies, light industry is gaining speed, there is a shortage of workers and companies are forced to increase wages.

– In 2023, the difference in average salaries between the most and least paid professions decreased from 6.4 to 5.3 times. The decrease in wage inequality is due to an increase in the income of low-paid specialists due to the increase in the minimum wage, as well as the increase in industrial production. Thanks to the increase in government orders, salaries in the production of electronics, transport, equipment and clothing increased significantly,” comments Elena Trubnikova, president of FinExpertiza.


TOP 10 industries with the highest salaries…

Scope Average salary before personal income tax, thousands of rubles

Oil and gas production 176.7

Management and management consulting 172.1

Software development 157.4

Finance and insurance 155.5

Air transport 151.9

Production of tobacco products 142.3

Fishing and fish farming 132.8

Research and development 112.1

Production of petroleum products and coke 110.9

Mining of metal ores 109

…and with the lowest

Textile production 43

Veterinary activities 42.9

Production of wood products 42.9

Landscaping and cleaning 42.6

Production of leather and leather products 42.5

Security services 42.1

Furniture production 40.9

Postal and courier activities 39.9

Cafes and restaurants 39.1

Clothing production 33.5

According to FinExpertiza.


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