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Update Post: December 9, 2023 7:46 am

In 2023, four federal executive bodies (FEB), the Ministry of Construction, Rosaviation, Roskomnadzor and the Ministry of Finance, moved from the group with a medium level of openness to the group with a high level of openness. The Federal Testing Chamber managed to increase the opening from low to high, Rosmorrechflot – from low to medium.

The Ministry of Economic Development, Rosselkhoznadzor, Rosvodresursy, the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Natural Resources moved from a high level of openness to a medium one, and the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia – from medium to low.

You can contact 35 authorities with a message on social networks

The study of the openness of government bodies is carried out in three directions, seven parameters and more than 120 criteria, including the evaluation of the websites of federal executive authorities, the evaluation of the response to citizens’ requests, the evaluation of work with journalists, the availability of data sets, the use of social networks and the functioning of public councils dependent on the federal executive branch.

The Accounts Chamber noted a trend towards the development of websites and portals by authorities, the publication of statistical information and reports, as well as the expansion of activity on social networks. The average rating of the official sites was 20.3 points out of a possible 21-24. You can contact 35 authorities with a personal message on at least one of the social networks.

Some statistical information for the year has become less accessible. “One of the main reasons for the sharp drop in the assessment of the opening of various ministries and departments in 2023 is the long-term maintenance of the portal, which is why the portal itself and the data sets published in it are inaccessible,” explained the Chamber of Accounts.

According to the acting head of the Accounts Chamber, Galina Izotova, the issue of openness remains key for the department. “Your study of it allows us to understand the extent to which government agencies are willing to engage in dialogue with society,” she summarized Izotova.

The press service of the Ministry of Economic Development noted that in terms of availability of information on the official website, responses to citizens’ requests and communications with journalists and quality of social networks, the ministry’s rating remained the same. level than last time. year. At the same time, the department emphasized that they are working to increase openness and will take into account the results of the Accounts Chamber’s qualification.

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