The 20 teams that qualified for Euro 2024 through qualification. Results of the last day of selection

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The 20 teams that qualified for Euro 2024 through qualification. Results of the last day of selection

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Wales must be very sad!

Today the qualifying phase for Euro 2024 in Germany ended. The last team that entered the tournament through qualification was known: Croatia.

This happened thanks to the success of Zlatko Dalic’s team over Armenia (1-0). The only goal of the first half was scored by Ante Budimir. If the Croatians had lost points and Wales had achieved victory over Turkey (1:1) in a parallel match, the medalists of the last two world championships would have missed the European championship! But there was no sensation.

Interesting: Holland scored six goals against Gibraltar, Kalvin Stengs scored a hat-trick. And France almost lost on the road to Greece, which, although it lost its chances of taking second place (losing both matches to the Dutch 0-3, 0-1), at least got on the nerves of the world runner-up. . But the Greeks are not particularly upset: they have a chance to reach the Euro through the Nations League playoffs.

The 20 teams qualified for Euro 2024 through qualification

Group A – Spain and Scotland

Group B – France and Netherlands

Group C – England and Italy

Group D – Türkiye and Croatia

Group E – Albania and Czech Republic

Group F – Belgium and Austria

Group G – Hungary and Serbia

Group H – Denmark and Slovenia

Group I – Romania and Switzerland

Group J – Portugal and Slovakia

Germany will be the 21st host country at the European Championship. And 12 other teams will compete for the last three places until the Nations League playoffs.

Playoff Route A: Poland, Estonia, Wales or Finland/Iceland/Ukraine (depending on draw)Route B of Qualifiers: Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Finland/Ukraine (depending on draw)Route C of Qualifiers: Kazakhstan, Greece, Georgia or Luxembourg

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