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We’re getting closer to the imminent return of Spy Family x, with a second season of the series coming first, as well as an original adventure coming to the big screen, so they’re releasing details about it slowly.

That’s right, it’s Spy x Family CODE: White, it’s an adventure of sorts that could be very dangerous for everyone, but it seems that two more enemies have appeared and these are the ones the Forgers will face indirectly because no one wants to be discovered. their secret.

The anime’s official account posted more details about the two original characters, who appear to be the other villains in the story, and things could be a little more complicated for Ana.

This is Sneedel, who will be played by Banjo Ginga, who voiced King Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z and also introduced Type F, played by Shunsuke Takeuchi. Both will join this spy franchise.

Source: Wit Studio/CloverWorks

Without a doubt, our heroes are in for a very challenging snowy vacation adventure as these two characters join those already announced, Dmitry and Luka, two officers who look dangerous.

The first teaser for Spy X Family revealed that this strange family will be traveling to another country for an eating competition, and Anya will have fun while Loyd and Yoru have to do their real jobs.

There are certainly a lot of expectations for this adventure, especially since it is an original story unrelated to Tatsuya Endo’s original work.

Spy x Family Code: White will premiere on December 22 in Japan, but before that, the second season of the series will premiere in October with more fun adventures.


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September 22, 2023 9:53 pm