Slava’s lawyer, Elena Senina, received consent to mediate in the clinics where Khaidarov worked.

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Date: September 26, 2023 Time: 12:50:11

Timur Khaidarov

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Slava and Lyubov Uspenskaya’s lawyer, Elena Senina, is a well-known specialist in mediation and negotiations. This procedure allows you to resolve the conflict on the basis of voluntary consent and cooperation without judicial intervention. One of the most famous cases of mediation in international legal practice is the extrajudicial settlement of disputes by a team of lawyers with thousands of victims after the 9/11 tragedy in the United States. So not a single case went to trial. Elena Senina made a proposal to resolve patient claims related to the provision of medical services in the field of Plastic Surgery through the mediation procedure and recently received a response.

The letter was sent to three medical institutions: Olympus Clinic, GMT, as well as IQ Plastic, where Timur Khaidarov now works.

“With this letter we inform you of our willingness to carry out a mediation procedure based on the principles of voluntariness, confidentiality, cooperation and equality of the parties, impartiality and independence of the mediator. We express hope for a prompt solution to the conflict that has arisen,” says the response received by Elena Senina.

The document was signed by the general directors of the clinics and plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov.

“We act by legal means in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. Despite dirty information persecution and outright lies, we found the strength to behave reasonably. We officially offered clinics the mediation procedure: confidential mediation negotiations. Consent has been received. We are certainly happy. I would like to emphasize that this has nothing to do with the activities of law enforcement and supervisory authorities. We do not influence your work, the requests have been submitted and will be considered legally. I have always said and I repeat, the topic of my doctoral thesis is restorative justice: where an agreement can be reached, it is necessary to negotiate,” Elena Senina told KP.RU.

We remind you that representatives of the clinics continue to contact women who suffered at the hands of a media surgeon to request compensation. Several patients have already received funds. In addition, a well-known lawyer created an initiative group and communicates with victims every day.

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September 26, 2023 6:50 am