Ronaldinho from the world of boxing. Why was Roy Jones a unique boxer?

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Ronaldinho from the world of boxing. Why was Roy Jones a unique boxer?

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He fought with his hands down, but became world champion at four weights.

On September 25, 2004, 19 years ago, an IBF world title fight took place between belt holder Glen Johnson and the legendary Roy Jones Jr. Jones lost that fight and ultimately lost his status as the top boxer in our time, but at the same time he remained one of the best fighters in history. 22 victories in title fights in four weight classes are unique indicators, but Roy’s greatness lies not only in achievements.

Jones’ career began with amateur boxing, and in this he also wrote his name in history, although he lost the main fight of his amateur career. In the final of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, the American lost to local athlete Park Sihun in a highly controversial refereeing decision. The judges simply gave the victory to the local boxer, who lost all three rounds. To atone for him, the International Olympic Committee awarded Jones the Val Barker Trophy as the most technical boxer of the Games.

Jones’ last fight at age 54:

One couldn’t, the other didn’t want to: Roy Jones lost to Anthony Pettis by decision

The Val Barker Trophy could well be named after Roy Jones, who had magnificent technique and a truly unique style. Have you met many high-level boxers who deliberately stick their heads forward without any protection? And what happens to boxers who fight with their hands down, and not at times, but rather use it as a style?

A recognizable stance with a lowered left and a loaded right, constant body work, phenomenal footwork – all this made Jones a legendary boxer who won championship belts in four weight categories.

Roy Jones

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Roy Jones emphasized speed and lightning-fast reactions. Jones’ constant leaning forward forced opponents to react and attack. But only a few were able to hit Roy: for the most part, Jones managed to dodge and immediately launched a counterhook: it is simply impossible to count how many knockdowns and knockouts Roy scored precisely from those positions.

Jones’ lead hand is an art form in itself. Roy always kept her down, but at the same time she was always ready and was one of the key trump cards in the Jones style. He could simply throw punches or deliver powerful blows from below, and his opponents found it extremely difficult to react to them as they simply did not see the trajectory. Jones practiced fencing with his front hand as if it were a sword, which brought him considerable success.

Roy regularly used various feints in attacks. Jones flirted with the crowd and acted extravagantly, while all these false hits and antics were aimed at distracting his opponent or pissing him off, forcing him to act rashly. Glen Kelly will not let you lie: in the championship fight with Jones, Kelly fell for the fact that Roy hid his hands behind his back near the ropes and wanted to punish the legend, but was knocked out with lightning speed with a right hook. that came from behind his back.

On Jones’ most legendary knockout:

Hands behind the back, punches coming out of nowhere. Roy Jones’ most famous knockout

As for defense, here again we must highlight Roy’s footwork and body. Jones literally danced around his opponents, virtually never stalling, as he competently worked his body and dodged. It was almost impossible to hit a boxer like that.

And, of course, Jones’s sense of distance and timing was at some transcendent level. It seemed like here he was, here in front of you with his head down, but as soon as the opponent attacked and fell for this trick, Jones dodged it or dived under the arm and, of course, immediately counterattacked.

Roy Jones Jr. entered the history of boxing not only thanks to his phenomenal results, when he jumped weight classes and collected championship titles. Roy can be called the Ronaldinho of boxing: yes, there are guys who have more victories and trophies, but Jones’ elegant and bold style made millions of fans fall in love with him. Like the Brazilian footballer, the end of Roy’s career was frankly a blur, but that doesn’t matter. Jones managed to do the best things.

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