“Result for many decades”: Interros has chosen the finalists of the concept competition for a business center on Russky Island

Update Post: November 30, 2023 5:46 pm

Nikolai Stetsko and Elena Kharisova believe that the new project will become the pride of Russky Island. Photo: Interros press service

Interros summarized the results of the concept competition for the construction of a multifunctional public and business complex on the Russky Island of Vladivostok. We are talking about a class A business center. The new office spaces are planned to be occupied by resident companies of the Special Administrative Region (SAR), and the project itself will boost the development of the infrastructure of Russky Island and increase its attractiveness for investment.


“When we talk about creating a new facility as important as the first business center on Russky Island, this is not a trivial architectural task. This is a symbolic task that is associated with the entire philosophy of the development of the Far East, the development of Russia, our interaction with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region,” noted Minister for the Development of the Far East and Arctic Alexey Chekunkov. “That is why I want to thank the Interros group for their professional and detailed treatment, for their delicate attitude towards the island. And those works, those proposals that we have seen today in the preliminary selection phase, show that the strongest teams have really been selected. And I really hope that the result is worthy. The result will last for many decades.”

This fall, Interros held a closed architectural competition with the participation of leading Russian architectural offices. The contest operator was Citymakers. The highly professional jury consisted of the Russian Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexey Chekunkov, the general director of the Interros company, Sergey Batekhin, the vice-president of the government of the Primorsky Territory, Nikolay Stetsko, the general director of the Far Eastern and Arctic Development Corporation Nikolay Zapryagaev, Rector of the Far Eastern Federal University Boris Korobets, Vice-Rector for Development of the Far Eastern Federal University Elena Kharisova, Chief Architect of the Primorsky Territory Anton Glushkov and other prominent Russian architects .

According to the mandate, the competition participants had to propose a project for a multifunctional public and business complex, taking into account the complex terrain of the territory of Russky Island. The facility will include not only office space, but also a conference room as well as public spaces. The building will comply with energy efficiency class “A” and environmental standards. The facility has parking both inside the building and in its surroundings for the convenience of visitors. When designing, it was important to take into account the height of the building and adapt it to the surrounding landscape. The building should be no more than 8 floors and be in harmony with the surrounding buildings. It is also important that the concepts of competitors fit harmoniously into the architectural appearance of Russky Island.

Photo: Interros press service

“It is a great honor for the government of Primorsky Krai to be invited to be part of the jury that will determine both the architectural concept and the content of the future business center,” says Nikolai Stetsko. — As a former student of the Far Eastern Federal University, next to which this institution will be located, as a resident of the city of Vladivostok, as a patriot of the Primorsky Territory and as a person responsible for economic development, this is certainly important. For me, what will be the first project of the residents of the Special Administrative Region. We see this center as the face of a new federal project, implemented in the name of the project. “We will do everything in our power to ensure that this project goes ahead and is the first step in building our cooperation.”


“When we made this decision, it was important to us that this project responded, on the one hand, to the interests of the region’s residents and, on the other hand, was the region’s business card for so many foreigners. who come to this region,” stressed Sergei Batekhin. — We want this project to fit into the architecture and appearance of Russky Island, which is the pearl of our country, when solving this problem. Therefore, we thank both the Ministry that entrusted us with this project and the experts who, with their professional advice, helped us today to make the right decision and determine the first finalists of the last competition.”

The best Russian architecture studios participated in the competition and, after long discussions, the jury decided to settle on two concepts: the ABD ARQUITECTOS and KAMEN ARQUITECTOS studios.

The concept of the ABD ARQUITECTOS project is based on understanding the place where the public and business complex will be located. The project has a binary structure that unites the past, present and future of Russky Island.

The concept of the KAMEN ARCHITECTS office involves the construction of a modern office building that will serve not only as a workspace, but also as a symbol of modern island architecture, skillfully combined with the natural environment. The futuristic and at the same time simple form of the building is dictated by the characteristics of the place.

For four months, two architectural studios, authors of the selected concepts, will develop the architectural solutions in detail in accordance with the technical specifications and project objectives, and then Interros will choose the best option for designing the business. center.

“The Russian island is a kind of city where there is a lot of science, students and schoolchildren, many people live and work on campus,” said Elena Kharisova. “For us it is important that nearby facilities appear that develop the island and provide opportunities that are now scarce in our territory. “We are sure that this will attract talented and intelligent people to Russky Island, who will live here and do science, enjoying what the Primorsky region offers us.”

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