Relying on miracles and despair: how a radical populist with quirks happened to become president of Argentina

Update Post: November 30, 2023 6:18 pm

The position of president of Argentina fell to the libertarian Javier Miley.


The official results of Argentina’s presidential election have not yet been announced, but three-quarters of the votes were counted in favor of right-wing libertarian populist Javier Milley.

On “KP” radio, prominent Russian political scientists gave their evaluation of the Argentine future.

MGIMO professor Boris Martynov is confident that Miley’s harsh statements during the election campaign will remain just words.

– Common sense exists. Although in recent years it has not taken root in political discourse. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also came to power with quite harsh statements. However, he then adjusted his course, listening to the opinions of advisors, the ruling elite, the military and the diplomatic corps. And he turned out not to be as enthusiastic a defender of Americanism as he tried to present himself at the beginning of his election campaign. Miley’s arrival is the Argentines’ hope for a miracle. Populists like Miley are in demand in the world today, but in Argentina they have always been especially in demand. Let us remember the cult of Perón and his famous wife. Perón led Argentina to a dead end: while neighboring Brazil developed modern industries, including heavy industry, Argentina depended on natural factors. But the fascination with populism and the greed for leaders who promise miracles in the shortest possible time persist, and the multinational composition of the Argentine population does not particularly contribute to national unity. – Martinov pointed out.

Americanist Malek Dudakov believes that Miley will find it difficult to keep her promises.

– Miley adheres to right-wing convictions, but speaks from a populist platform, promising everything at once, proposing quite radical plans for the restructuring of the Argentine economy, society and reality. Right-wing populists have appeared quite a bit on the international scene in recent years. You may remember Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro. Now Argentina has its own right-wing populist. Furthermore, he is even more radical in his views and beliefs and proposes very drastic reforms, including abandoning the national currency and switching to the dollar. She won’t be able to realize all this. But the fact that she will try to get it is a fact. Yes, she has economic education, but that does not mean she has the competence to govern the country. In addition, her party does not retain the largest representation in parliament, which means that it will have to reach an agreement with other parties, which will greatly moderate plans to reform the Argentine economy. The situation in Argentina is quite deplorable, inflation is very high, the national currency is devaluing, stagnation, recession. Largely out of desperation, voters elected such a radical as the country’s president, believing in a panacea. But the cure in the form of Miley may prove worse and more painful for Argentina than the disease itself. – says Dudakov.

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