Rajveer Deol unveils the acting gems he learned from father Sunny Deol [Watch]

Update Post: November 28, 2023 9:30 am

Rajveer Deol, the son of the Gadar 2 actor Sunny Deol, recently shared some insights into the valuable acting lessons he received from his father. Watch the video to know more.

Get ready to witness the much-anticipated Bollywood debut of Rajveer Deol in his upcoming film, “Dono” Rajveer, the son of the iconic actor Sunny Deol, is all set to make his mark in the industry with this exciting project. With the guidance and support of his father, Rajveer is ready to showcase his talent and captivate audiences with his performance on the silver screen. embraced the valuable insights passed down from his father. He admires Sunny Deol’s ability to bring raw emotion and intensity to his performances, and strives to incorporate those qualities into his own acting style. Rajveer highlights the significance of hard work, discipline, and the constant pursuit of improvement, which he learned from his father. He cherishes the moments spent discussing scripts, rehearsing scenes, and seeking advice from Sunny Deol, who has been a guiding light throughout his acting career. Watch the video to know more.

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