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Update Post: December 9, 2023 8:18 am

The values ​​and meanings of the World Youth Festival will be presented by prominent cultural and sports figures, young scientists and businessmen and stars of show business. As it became known today, the following have already been added to the body of public ambassadors: the Olympic artistic gymnastics champion Nikita Nagorny, the Russian pilot Irina Sidorkova, the singer Vanya Dmitrienko, the authors and performers of the official song of the WPF-2024 duet NANSI & SIDOROV, basketball player Alexander Dedushkin, Olympic bobsleigh champion Dmitry Trunenkov, pilot and hero of Russia Damir Yusupov.

At the solemn ceremony dedicated to the start of the countdown to WFM-2024, racing and Formula 1 driver Sergei Sirotkin addressed the audience as ambassadors of the festival.

“Now, at a time when it is important to join forces, general unity is important. And it seems to me that sport, like our favorite activity, has these qualities, it sets us some common tasks, common goals, it unites people , so we are happy to be able to participate,” said Sergei Sirotkin, addressing the guests from the stage.

The ambassadors of the festival were also Polina Gagarina and Leonid Agutin. The singers shared their emotions and expectations for the upcoming festival.

“It will be a great event, I have no doubt. Young people will come from different countries of the world, from a large number of countries. It will be a real cult event for young people. People will communicate with each other, they will collaborate.” , creative groups, make up songs, spend a lot of time together. Honestly, I envy these young people, I envy that they can discover the world and communication like this, at the beginning of their lives. This is a real party. And at the same time very useful,” said Leonid Agutin.

Polina Gagarina said in her video message that she herself participated in the World Youth Festival in 2017 and performed a song with young people from all over the world.

“Everyone who can participate in next year’s festival will enjoy a great event that will leave memories that will last a lifetime. I believe that music can bring people together, give hope and strength. Art has always been a universal language for people living in different countries “Next year, the brightest, bravest and most talented representatives of youth from around the world will meet again, the voices of young people will be heard to decide how they want to see the world!” – pointed out the singer.

All public ambassadors of WFM-2024 will participate in the festival, where they will speak to an audience of 20 thousand participants in the format of speeches, conferences and direct live communication with young leaders.

Let us remember that WFM-2024 will be held from March 1 to 7 in the federal territory of Sirius.

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