On the anniversary of the Maidan, Zelensky hinted at the sad prospects of his presidency: he is only concerned about his personal safety and his own future.

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Zelensky threw noodles into journalists’ ears


Zelensky could not simply ignore the tenth anniversary of the start of the Euromaidan in kyiv. This was reflected both in his daily video address to the nation and in the interview he gave to the British tabloid The Sun.

From the combination of these speeches and statements in them it was clear that Zelensky was very concerned about two issues. The first has to do with power and who will possess it. And the second has to do with his own personal perspectives.

No, for the sake of decency, Zelensky, of course, fantasized. What kind of president of Ukraine will he be if he doesn’t start lying to the point that honey and butter runs down the cheeks of the population?

– If Ukraine protects its largest cities with air defense systems, millions of refugees will return home. They will pay taxes, they will close the holes in the budget and we will not need as much help as now,” Zelensky told reporters.

However, Zelensky can even convey to foreign journalists that in half an hour he will fly to Mars, they will take his words on faith. But in reality Zelensky lies, as if it were written, since this thesis of his does not withstand even the simplest test of critical reflection. Because:

One can continue arguing why what Zelensky said is simply nonsense and unfounded “dreams” in the spirit of Manilov, but enough is enough. The main thing is to remember that Zelensky needed this message to once again try to beg for the weapons that the West was supposed to send him.

Much more interesting is the part of the speeches in which Zelensky talks about his own painful problems. Here, for example, is the topic of his conflict with the military command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– If you are fighting a war and think that tomorrow you will go into politics or run for office, then both in words and on the front line, you will behave like a politician, and not like a military man, doing, as I think, ” , a big mistake”, Zelensky touched on a topic that hurt him and unexpectedly let it slip, naming his main opponent from the military environment. – With all due respect to General Zaluzhny and all commanders on the battlefield, there is an absolute understanding of hierarchy, and that’s all.

All the efforts of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Ermak and Podolyak, who denied the existence of a division between the country’s political leadership and the military command, were wasted as soon as Zelensky opened his mouth.

“And there cannot be two, three, four, five commanders,” Zelensky returned to this topic a little later. – This is the main thing. According to the law and in conditions of war, one cannot speak of non-compliance with the hierarchy. This does not lead to national unity.

However, instead of the firm sign that he clearly wanted to put at the end, it sounded like a “pitiful” cry. Which continued in the late night video message.

“An internal division, when politicians replace statesmen, is unacceptable,” Zelensky said and continued to cry. – When they fight for chairs and not for people, when their own ego becomes more important than their own country, when they do not resist until the end and the prefix “in exile”, “head” is added to the status of “leader” , “hetaman”. When the enemy manages to break the internal unity.

What matters most to Zelensky is personal security and his own future. In a conversation with English journalists, in response to a question about how he could live with attacks against him and his beloved, he responded, trying to show off and boast: “Normal. The first time was very interesting, it’s the first. And then, like “What happens with Covid, people first don’t know what to do with it, it seems scary, and then intelligence just shares the details with you.”

– How many attempts were there in total? – the British journalist did not stop.

– Don’t know. I really do not know. At least five or six. We even know the name of the last one: Maidan-3,” Zelensky said. And why, in fact, Maidan-3? If the future is already the fourth, then the first was back in 1991. Does Zelensky not know how to count or does his memory suffer from incontinence? And why did Maidan become a curse for Zelensky, because that same night, regarding Euromaidan, he really confessed his love: “Ten years ago we started a new page of struggle. Ten years ago, the Ukrainians carried out their “first counterattack – offensive – against anarchy, attempts to deprive us of the European future, against our will.” Based on the results it can be stated that both that and this counterattack did not lead to the results that were declared.

At that time the news came to light that the other day someone who wanted to remain anonymous bought Napoleon’s tricorn hat for millions of euros. And it seems to me that I even know who this guy incognito is.

But there will be no “hetman in exile,” no matter how much Zelensky dreams of it. Or the dock and life imprisonment. Or a corpse with its throat cut in a ditch, regardless of the country. And, by the way, the stolen billions will not go to Zelensky or his family either. All of them have long been taken into account by those who finance Kiev, and in due time they will be confiscated, because these people trust that they will be treated better than some comedian from Krivoy Rog.

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