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The world of My Hero Academia is filled with many incredible characters because not only have the UA students shown great determination, but the pro heroes have made it clear why they are Earth’s greatest saviors.

One of the favorite characters is Midnight or also known as Nemuri Kayama, one of the main teachers of this Academy who stands out for being one of the most mysterious and also has a peculiar Gift that puts everyone she meets to sleep. , on my way.

A true version of Midnight from My Hero Academia.

Via Instagram, user Mysmartarts shared an image of this character from My Hero Academia, which he gave a unique and very special look with the help of artificial intelligence, and the result will delight everyone.

The artificial intelligence tool has become very popular in recent years, so fans of the world of anime have taken the opportunity to take their favorites to the next level.

Source: Instagram/mysmartarts

It can be seen that the AI ​​has managed to respect the essence of this character, such as his long dark hair, which stands out due to its wild nature, and his blue eyes will captivate anyone who looks at them, as it will serve as a distraction for the enemy in the middle of a fight.

On the other hand, we see that she wears her heroine’s costume, which is a very thin white fabric, so that she can unleash her power with a boy in black, who will highlight her qualities, while he has black belts to match the costume . the whole outfit.

What do you think of this version of Midnight from My Hero Academia?


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