“My face was distorted, I started to choke”: Olga Buzova’s missing stylist spoke for the first time about the deadly illness

Update Post: November 28, 2023 10:59 pm

Olga Buzova.

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Star stylist and designer Nikita Karsten became famous behind the scenes of show business not only as a fashion couturier, but also thanks to her work with the images of Olga Buzova.

Olga Buzova.

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Buzova’s most daring and sexy images were created by Karsten. But then the stylist suddenly disappeared from the social media radar. In an interview with the program “Speaking with Love”, Nikita admitted that she was to blame for a serious illness…

– There are difficult moments in your life, when you die at 23 years old. My leg hurt and started to swell. And then the disease began to progress rapidly. “It started to suffocate me,” recalls designer and stylist Nikita Karsten. – This is a disease that turns a person into a doll. You go to the doctor and she tells you, “I can’t help you!” It was rheumatoid arthritis with an immune system disorder. I was prescribed hormone therapy and gained more than 15 kilos in two weeks. Then in December, my face became distorted, my hair began to fall out, and I was put in a wheelchair. The worst thing is when you are alive, but your body is no longer there. They told mom, you have to understand, she doesn’t have much time left. My appearance changed so much that my neighbors didn’t recognize me. A girl made me cry by saying, “Look what you’ve become, what a fat pig you are!” I myself saw who was in front of me in the mirror and it was very difficult to accept.

Nikita Karsten and Olga Buzova.

Photo: Personal archive

Now Carsten is back to work (including his own projects) and fondly remembers his star client and friend Olga Buzova.

– Olya’s PR manager Anton Bogoslavsky wrote to me, telling me that I need a stylist for the project. I’m collecting five options for images, says Anton, they say, this is not Olya’s style at all. I went to the shoot without understanding how everything would end. But Olya and I immediately formed a connection. It seemed like we had known each other for a thousand years,” says Carsten. – Our tandem with Olya gradually turned into friendship. In my opinion, we didn’t have any failed looks; all our looks were beautiful. I have always admired how Olya knows how to present bold images. In everyday life, by the way, she dresses herself.

They wrote to me: “You are Olya’s main enemy! You’re disfiguring her! But Olya taught us all to react calmly to haters. But at first it was a tragedy for me, they say, I only did two looks and I am already responsible for the entire costume,” said the designer.

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