Messi and Ronaldo will play against each other! Details of the next match.

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Messi and Ronaldo will play against each other! Details of the next match.

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Official “Last dance”.

Lionel Messi will fight again with Cristiano Ronaldo! And no, this is not news from January: that was when they faced each other for the last time, in a friendly match between Al Nasr and PSG (4-5).

A new round of confrontation will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the first week of February 2024, and will be organized by the chairman of the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia, Turki Al al-Sheikh. The event has a common name: Riyadh Season Cup and a colorful one: “The Last Dance.” Yes, like the miniseries about the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

The Last Dance is a historic match between football legends Ronaldo and Messi. “Inter Miami will play with Al Nasr in the Riyadh Cup,” wrote Al ash-Sheikh on his social networks.

Official “Last Dance”

Photo: “Championship”

It is true that the sheikh was silent about something. This will not be just a match between Leo and Krish, but a full tournament for three, in addition to Inter Miami and Al-Nasr, the leader of the Saudi Arabian Championship, Al-Hilal of Neymar and Malcolm. The first, however, will not take the field due to a serious injury.

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The three teams will play in a league format, that is, against each other; The winner will be determined based on the highest number of points scored. The motive of the sheikhs and the owner of the American club, David Beckham, is clear: the competition will surely be seen around the world; This is an extremely attractive business investment. There will definitely be no end to the advertising.

So far, Messi and Cristiano have 37 personal meetings, and the Argentine has a notable advantage: 17 wins, nine draws and 11 losses. But in terms of goals, the players have parity: 23 each. At least in this component the Portuguese can still take the lead.

UEFA officials are ready to let Ronaldo’s club enter the Champions League. This is an extremely controversial decision:

UEFA is ready to break the Champions League for Ronaldo. This is a catastrophe

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