Maxim Fadeev explained why Katya Lel’s song about “Dzhagu-Dzhagu” suddenly became a hit in the world

Update Post: November 28, 2023 11:13 pm

Maxim Fadeev came up with “jagu-jagu”. Photo: Maxim Fadeev’s personal page on the social network.

The song “My Marmalade”, performed by Katya Lel, conquered new musical heights. On November 21, it entered the top 5 in the world on Spotify (a streaming service for listening to music). The world leader of the “50 Viral Trends” chart (Viral 50) on the music streaming service was a song from the album “Jaga-Jaga”, which was produced by Maxim Fadeev, who was the author of “marmalade”.

A couple of weeks ago, the song “My Marmalade” went viral on social networks: foreign bloggers dressed in fur coats and hats and recorded videos, tiktoks and stories under the title “Try muah-muah, try jaga-jaga” . Try it… oh, I need it, I need it.”

“My Marmalade” is on the world charts. Photo: screenshot

Producer and author Max Fadeev shared his emotions on a Telegram channel: “Inexplicable, but true: my song “My Marmalade”, which will be 20 years old next year, is in the world top 5 on Spotify and in the top 10 world in Shazam. . To date, more than 160 thousand videos have been recorded for the track. Not without pride I can say that this is already the sixth track of my authorship that has become popular in the world. It was today, in the conditions of the so-called “cancellation” of everything Russian, that a song in Russian took off on the world charts. Apparently the time has come. I have always said that one day, thanks to our culture, many confused people will look at Russia again. “People don’t want Russian culture to be cancelled, they love it, as evidenced by the success of the song “My Marmalade” 20 years after its release.”

Fadeev came up with both the song and the album “Jaga-Jaga” for Katya Lel in such a way that it differed from the previous repertoire: “In this sense, I not only came up with a slight foreign accent for her, but also, in the process of mixing his voice, we changed it significantly in frequency and structure, replaced it with vowels and consonants. In a word, they did everything to make it sound completely new. By the way, the track was arranged by Andrey Kharchenko, with whom I have been working to this day for more than 20 years. One of my most talented students. I also remember that the topic did not pass through the artistic council of “Europa Plus” or many other Russian radio stations and television channels, since “The program directors and artistic councils did not consider it a success. This is jaga-jaga.”

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya evaluated the success of the song “My Marmalade”: “Now you will never know in advance whether your song will last for years. Kate Bush was elevated to the top of the auditions for “Stranger Things,” the songs from “The King and the Clown,” a series about them. And Katya Lel… tik-toki? So don’t believe in aliens!

And Katya Lel now predicts an increase in orders for New Year’s corporate parties.

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