Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on September 23, 2023: Zelensky’s hysteria, equipment with toxic asbestos and promises of missiles

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Zelensky behaved too emotionally at the UN General Assembly


The population of leopards in the Kupyansky direction is decreasing

The “southern” group of troops heading towards Donetsk repelled four attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. More than two companies, two infantry fighting vehicles, three vehicles, the American M777 artillery system, the Giatsint-B cannon and the American-made AN/TPQ-36 radar were disabled. The group of troops “Center” in the direction of Krasnolimansk repelled two attacks. Two platoons, three armored vehicles, two pickup trucks and two D-30 howitzers were destroyed. The “western” group of troops in the direction of Kupyansk inflicted such damage on the enemy: up to one platoon, two Leopard tanks, three cars, one Polish Krab self-propelled gun, one German Panzerhaubitze-2000 self-propelled gun, two Msta-B howitzers, one cannon D-30, a Rapier anti-tank gun “and the ammunition depot of the 113th Ground Defense Brigade in Liptsy. The group of troops “Vostok” in the direction south of Donetsk destroyed up to 110 militants, two armored vehicles, three pickup trucks and one ammunition depot of the 1st tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zeleny Gai. In the direction of Zaporozhye, up to 20 nationalists, two armored vehicles, two cars, an M777 artillery system, a Gvozdika self-propelled gun and three D-30 howitzers. In the direction of Kherson, the enemy lost up to 80 soldiers, seven vehicles, one D-30 howitzer and three radars for detecting and tracking air targets. The air defense forces intercepted 10 HIMARS MLRS projectiles and 15 drones from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Germans are back on black soil.

Ukrainian prisoners of war reunited with relatives

Volunteer Marina Shifona said DPR leaders and volunteers organized a meeting with their loved ones for the prisoners of war in the square. For this second meeting, relatives of the prisoners came from both Ukraine and Europe. All this was organized with the assistance of DPR Human Rights Commissioner Daria Morozova. It took two months to prepare. One of the prisoners, Dmitry, ended up in the camp a year and a half ago, “during the defense” of the Kherson region. He wants to start a family, but he doesn’t want to return to Ukraine. Originally from Donbass, Valery Sherdiz arrived in the spring of 2022 at the Russian filtration point in the village of Bezymennoye, near Mariupol. He has now written a statement refusing the exchange, he wants to stay in Russia. There are more and more such people among prisoners of war and there is less and less independent patriotism. Self-awareness grows.

Western media highlights Zelensky’s hysterical emotionality

Bloomberg claims that at the UN General Assembly Zelensky behaved too emotionally towards countries that supply weapons at a different rate than kyiv wants. Bloomberg notes that the khaki-clad actor’s dispute with one of his Western allies has spiraled out of control, “hinting at tensions brewing behind the scenes.” Also highlighted is Zelensky’s fiasco in a meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who did not support the idea of ​​additional aid for Ukraine. Although Zelensky himself stated that the parties “understand each other.” Doesn’t understanding mean forgiving?

India does not like Western ways of resolving the Ukrainian conflict

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs stated that Western approaches to resolving the situation in Ukraine are highly controversial: “Are we close to a possible acceptable solution? If not, why has the United Nations system and especially its main body, the United Nations Security Council, been ineffective in resolving the ongoing conflict? India continues to advocate for a negotiated solution to the crisis independently. Dialogue is “the only way to resolve differences and disputes, no matter how frightening they may seem at the moment.” From somewhere in the top of the baobab, one of the Gandhis smiled.

London sent equipment containing toxic asbestos to Kyiv

The Daily Express claims that the British Department of Defense supplied Ukraine with military equipment whose casings contain toxic asbestos. At least two thousand military equipment can be dangerous, including Challenger 2 tanks, Warrior combat vehicles and Bulldog armored personnel carriers, which were sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Toxic asbestos can cause serious diseases, including cancer, the Daily Express clarifies. But many Ukrainian tank and motorized rifle crews, it seems, will not have time to understand the danger of oncology.

kyiv’s threats to burn Crimea are symptoms of madness

Mikhail Sheremet, deputy of the State Duma from the Crimea region, called the threat of the adviser to the head of the presidential office, Mikhail Podolyaki, to destroy Crimea as crazy. Sheremet said: “The kyiv regime of terrorists and Nazis has gone completely crazy and gone mad in its phobia and hatred towards Russian Crimea. For them, the peninsula is like an eyesore.” According to Sheremet, Crimea does not give peace to the Ukrainian authorities, since it is a symbol of prosperity both for the peninsula and for all of Russia. And Podolyak continues to threaten to increase the number of drones attacking the Russian Federation. He needs to drink motherwort or tell fortunes with chamomile.

One hundred sentences for the Ukrainian Nazis

Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Investigative Committee, said that Russian courts handed down more than a hundred sentences to Ukrainian nationalists for crimes committed against civilians. These data were announced by the head of the Investigative Committee at a meeting in the DPR. Platoon Commander Vasily Tkachuk is awaiting trial for a criminal order to open fire on people in the spring of 2022, Marine Maxim Chernushenko, who carried out the order of Commander Vladislav Stryukov to use weapons against civilians and other criminals of war. The crow circles, the crow is in a hurry.

Prague is tired of enduring the agony of kyiv

Euractive reports that Prague is having difficulty financing European funds that help Kiev. Including the military. In June, Czech authorities struggled to raise funds for the latest increase in contributions to the European Peace Fund. Skepticism is growing in Czech political circles about the republic’s ability to cope with the kyiv regime’s large-scale patronage. Furthermore, last year the Czech Republic became the largest donor of military assistance to Ukraine relative to its defense spending. Prague spent $2.1 billion on this, representing almost half of its defense budget. Did no one say thank you?

It’s time to create a sanitary zone so that missiles do not fly randomly

NBC, citing three US officials and a congressional source, reports that Joe Biden promised Zelensky that the United States would supply him with a small batch of ATACMS long-range missiles. The delivery date has not been announced. The Washington Post clarifies that the Biden administration is about to transfer to kyiv a variant of the ATACMS with a cluster warhead, instead of a conventional one. Washington seems to have forgotten what the Russian president warned in June: if the bombing of Russian territories continues, the Russian authorities will consider the question of “creating a sanitary zone on the territory of Ukraine at such a distance from which it would be impossible to reach.” our territory.” The orderlies are gone.

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