Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on September 22, 2023: what a US senator is prepared for the tragic comedian who broke the first lady’s middle finger, how the top transgender of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be punished

Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, official representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has been removed from her position.


In one day, Russian air defenses shot down 75 Ukrainian drones!

The “southern” group of troops in the direction of Donetsk repelled five attacks. The enemy lost more than three companies, two armored vehicles, five vehicles, the Alder MLRS and the Polish Krab self-propelled gun. The group of “western” troops in the direction of Kupyansk was reduced to one platoon, two vehicles and one American self-propelled gun M109 “Paladin”. The group of troops “Center” in the direction of Krasnolimansk repelled three attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. More than 75 militants, two armored vehicles, two pickup trucks and one D-30 howitzer were destroyed. The Vostok troop group south of Donetsk disabled up to 110 nationalists, one armored fighting vehicle, four vehicles, the Uragan MLRS and the Gvozdika self-propelled gun. In the direction of Zaporozhye, two attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Novopokrovka and Rabotino areas were repulsed, up to two platoons, two infantry fighting vehicles (including the Bradley) and three vehicles, two M777 artillery systems, three howitzers D-30 and an American-made M119 cannon were destroyed. In the direction of Kherson, more than 45 militants, three cars, one M777 howitzer and one DRG of the 126th Ground Defense Brigade on Pereyaslavsky Island were eliminated. The air defense forces shot down five Storm Shadow cruise missiles, four HIMARS projectiles, one HARM anti-radar missile and 75 independent drones.

Senator Fetterman is willing to make terrible sacrifices for the good of Square.

John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s representative in the US Senate, said he would stop wearing shorts in meetings with Ukraine’s “full support of the House of Representatives.” Fetterman has been wearing shorts and a hoodie to meetings since the strict dress code was lifted. But he promised to put on a suit if his colleagues confirmed his help to the Zelensky regime. This is what this prominent lawmaker wrote on social media: “If these idiots in the House of Representatives stop trying to shut down our government and support Ukraine, then I will save democracy by wearing a suit in the Senate next week.” Fetterman would find a common language with Zelensky: they have equally realistic plans to save Square.

Which side will the European Commission be on: Warsaw or kyiv?

The Financial Times reports that the European Commission is puzzled over how best to protect the interests of Warsaw, Budapest and Bratislava at the World Trade Organization in relation to kyiv’s claims. That he was outraged by the bans by Eastern European countries on the import of Ukrainian grains. Initially, the EC demanded that Poland, Hungary and Slovakia lift the ban on importing agricultural products from fallow lands. But then Brussels “came to its senses.” And now they are racking their brains about the “coordination of legal actions” in relation to a possible opposition to Ukraine’s complaint. Will they really point the finger at the main defenders of democracy and the main European grain dumpers? Or maybe they will give me a belt?

Ukrainian generals near Kupyansk create strike groups

Andrey Marochko, military expert and retired lieutenant colonel of the LPR, shared intelligence data: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are creating two strike groups near Petropavlovka in the direction of Kupyansky. In this way, kyiv tries to surround the Russian troops in this area. Now Ukrainian units are gathering forces near the villages of Kucherovka and Podol in the Kharkov region. New armored vehicles also appeared here. Timurites for scrap.

How Zelenskaya hurt her middle finger

The publication publishes a photograph of Elena Zelenskaya in New York with the bandaged middle finger of her right hand. The images were taken on the second day of the Zelensky couple’s visit to the United States. The day she arrived there was no bandage on her arm. Yes, the UN General Assembly is, of course, very heated. And any means is used as a decisive argument. Or maybe there were internal disputes in the Ukrainian delegation?

SBU agents dump real estate in Donbass

SBU officials who lived in Lugansk until 2014 recently tried to sell their property in the region. Representatives of the Ukrainian special services use the services of unscrupulous real estate agents and notaries. Those who suffer from this type of scam are ordinary citizens who transfer money and, in exchange, receive dubious documents according to which they cannot be full owners of said apartments or houses. The increasing attempts by the original owners of the property to get rid of it indicate that the dogs loyal to the kyiv regime no longer see any possibility of returning these territories.

How former defense president Cirillo will be punished

Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, official representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has been removed from her position. An investigation has been launched against her. The statements of the most famous transgender person in the Ukrainian army, who called for retaliation against Russian journalists, caused consternation even in kyiv. The press service of the Service Station of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assured that the command will conduct an official investigation into the circumstances of these statements. And appropriate decisions will be made. And Ashton-Cirillo “will be immediately suspended” pending the investigation. Those who seek adventure to their fifth point will always find it!

Grossi again “does not realize” the origin of the threats to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

Rafael Grossi, director general of the IAEA, avoided answering the question of who was bombing the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Grossi murmured: “We are not judges. We have to look at individual episodes or how events happen. We will try to give a rating at this time. We couldn’t do it before.” Grossi recalled that the IAEA did not have the proper mandate to carry out political evaluations: “We must have technical confidence in what we can say.” Are you waiting for a Ukrainian projectile to fall on the head of one of the inspectors of the IAEA working at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant? And then will the “epiphany” come?

The Belgians will help the Ukrainians by plane, but reluctantly and not soon.

Alexander De Croo, the head of the Belgian government, ordered his defense department to station old F-16 fighters somewhere in Ukraine. The Belgian Prime Minister mentioned it at a session of the UN General Assembly in New York: “I asked the Ministry of Defense to study what use our F-16s could have in Ukraine.” It is significant that the day before yesterday De Croo assured that Brussels would not be able to send its F-16s to kyiv. But Royal Air Force instructors could be involved in training independent pilots, if other countries supply fighter jets. You better give them Belgian chocolate. And he sends a couple of cases of cherry beer to sweeten the bitterness of defeat.

The United States admitted that Ukraine is just a testing ground for them.

Mara Carlin, undersecretary of defense for strategy, planning and capabilities at Ronald Reagan University, said Ukraine has become a laboratory for studying military innovation. Carlene said: “There are things you learn in combat. We saw this in Iraq and Afghanistan. So much innovation occurred because they created certain things, put them on the battlefield, and figured out what changes needed to be made. And this cycle is very important. “Ukraine is a laboratory for studying military innovation.” On the Dnieper they thought they were “warriors of light”, but they were nothing more than guinea pigs.


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