Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on November 22, 2023: how the Maidan participants were deceived, who tyrannizes truckers at the borders and whether the head of the Pentagon knows the way to the temple

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In the Krasnolimansk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than 200 soldiers per day.

The Western group of troops in the Kupyansky direction in the Sinkovka area of ​​the Kharkov region disabled up to one platoon and two vehicles. The group of troops “Center” in the direction of Krasnolimansk repelled two attacks by assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which lost up to two companies and two pickup trucks. The southern group of troops in the direction of Donetsk eliminated up to 245 militants, two infantry fighting vehicles, two pickup trucks and one Msta-B howitzer. The Vostok group of troops in the southern Donetsk direction of the unit inflicted such damage on the enemy: more than two platoons, two vehicles and one D-20 howitzer. In the direction of Zaporozhye, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to up to 75 people, two armored vehicles and one D-20 howitzer. In the direction of Kherson, up to two platoons, two vehicles, two Msta-B howitzers and one D-20 cannon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed. Air defense forces shot down five Ukrainian drones.

West fears trench war

Der Standart writes that Western military strategists fear that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have run out of people and tanks to “liberate the lands” controlled by Russia, and that the counteroffensive is turning into a protracted “trench confrontation.” Experts from the Austrian publication believe: “Where the Ukrainian army wanted to start liberating territories in the south and east of the country in the summer, there is now the threat of what both Kiev’s military strategists and its Western arms suppliers fear. . That is, trench warfare.” And now, due to the obvious failure of the counteroffensive, the Zelensky regime has to “walk on the thin ice of public relations.” Kiev has to convince the West of the successes on the front before the end of the year and that it is now necessary to considerably increase the supply of weapons. In this type of entertainment for gamblers only thousands of lives are at stake.

Azarov accused Rada deputies of preparing the Maidan

Mykola Azarov, former head of the Square Cabinet of Ministers, said that ten years ago several deputies of the Ukrainian parliament actively fanned the Euromaidan, hiding behind their immunity. The former prime minister said: “We were stopped by the fact that there were many MPs among the conspirators and, according to the constitution, they enjoyed immunity. And the article of the constitution contradicted the activities of these criminals.” According to Azarov, even after the arrest of several conspiring deputies, foreign embassies intervened and demanded the release of those detained. Protect your sons of bitches: this is how they understand the triumph of democracy.

The United States reduced the supply of projectiles to kyiv by a third

The ABC television channel, citing an official of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, reported that the supply of shells from abroad was reduced by a third. The story says: “US supplies of NATO-standard artillery shells to Ukraine have declined by more than 30% since the war in the Middle East began in early October.” It is clarified that of the total volume of American military assistance to kyiv, almost 70% were 155 mm ammunition. Do you remember the popular Slavic saying: “our wives are loaded weapons”?

The technical state of Western technology leaves much to be desired

Andrey Marochko, retired lieutenant colonel of the LPR, said that in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, problems with the technical condition of equipment supplied by Western countries have worsened. This is due to the prolonged and intensive use of weapons and military equipment, poor maintenance and shortage of spare parts. Marochko said: “Many armored vehicles and artillery pieces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to break down. “Two-thirds of armored personnel carriers have reached the end of their useful life and are in need of major repairs.” And due to wear and tear on the barrels, most weapon mounts have reduced the accuracy of their fire. The frontline repair bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lack specialists and consumables. Have you tried cleaning Hymars with bricks?

The Pentagon chief spoke in an empty plaza with a temple behind him.

Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense, recorded a televised speech in an empty square in the center of the Ukrainian capital with a church in the background. The great black general emphasized the importance of the Ukrainian conflict “for the free world and democracy.” Austin, who gave Zelensky $100 million, said: “We have brought together allies and partners to confront Russia and move toward a better future, because that is what American leadership is all about.” The cawing of crows behind the American minister’s back was cleverly replaced in the plot by the ringing of bells.

The president of Ukraine and the head of the Pentagon, Austin, before the meeting in kyiv.


Farmers throw stones at Polish truck drivers

Rzeczpospolita reports that on the border between Poland and Ukraine farmers throw stones and garbage at the cars of Polish truck drivers. According to the publication, one of the Polish trucks had its headlights and windows broken, another had its batteries stolen, and a semi-trailer with a Polish license plate was completely set on fire. Previously, Polish, and later Slovak, carriers began to block checkpoints on the borders of their countries with Ukraine. The reason for the protests of Polish drivers, for example, was the benefits that the EU provides to Ukrainian transporters, to the detriment of their Eastern European colleagues.

Romanian customs angry over Ukrainian grain reports that Romanian customs cannot cope with the flow of grain trucks arriving from Ukraine, so Moldovan farmers cannot enter Romania with their harvest. According to Romanian media, “huge queues of trucks” grew near the river port of Giurgiulesti. And you have to wait there a week or more. As a result, Moldovan farmers trying to deliver the sunflower harvest to Romanians are not allowed to enter the neighboring country. One of the Ukrainian drivers told reporters that in four days he traveled … 600 m. Well, and the head of public relations for the EU cross-border assistance mission, Mailin Aasmäe, said that since September problems have been observed and that the waiting time at the border has increased “from 137 to 269 hours.” This has never happened before and here it is again. And go rafting down the Danube and see where it takes you.

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