Kristina Asmus made fun of Alexander Petrov’s 22-year-old wife

Victoria, Alexander Petrov’s new darling, is 22 years old. Photo: social networks.

The secret wedding of actor Alexander Petrov with 22-year-old Victoria Ivanova became known on September 15. Many acquaintances of the couple took this news with hostility. For the last three years, Petrov lived with actress Stasya Miloslavskaya and everyone was sure that Alexander would propose to her. But in the end he married a girl whom he met by chance on the street and whom he saw only a few times before the wedding. They say that Stasya discovered that they were no longer together a few minutes before Petrov’s wedding.

Miloslavskaya’s friend Kristina Asmus, 28, supported Stasya on social networks and ironically joked about Petrov’s young wife. The actress posted a photo from a beauty salon, taken while she was dying her hair. One of the subscribers in the comments called 35-year-old Christina “the spitting image of Sasha Petrov.” In response, Christina didn’t miss the opportunity to mock her colleague and, in her own way, cited her post about her hasty marriage.

“Yes, the teacher and I also met by chance. In the cabin. And in general, within a few minutes they painted. She is not a public person, please do not torment her with questions about what color she is,” Christina wrote.

Cristina Asmus. Photo: social networks.

Asmus’s humorous response refers directly to Petrov’s new wife. Speaking about her wedding, Alexander said that he and Victoria met by chance on the street.

“We met by chance. We got married on September 10. We just sat down, talked and went to the registry office. When it does, you understand in a second. I’m a public person, everyone will find out, ask questions, etc. , that’s why I make a post. This is my wife Vika. Vikulia. She is the best thing that has happened to me and will happen to me. It is a miracle. It is a dream. I always encourage you to believe in them. This is probably the main text of my life. Sorry, I haven’t told anyone yet. We haven’t made it yet. We met by chance on the street. And after a few meetings they just got married and understood everything immediately. Vika is not an actress, no She is from the industry, she is not used to publicity, she works, she has a higher education and has a full-fledged wonderful family, do not torture her, please, we love each other. Victoria Alexandrovna Petrova is my wife! I am happy!” – said Petrov.

The actor is 12 years older than his new fiancée. The artist’s wife works at the Center for the Development of National Culture named after him. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (CRNA). This organization is dedicated to the study, preservation and development of the spiritual, moral and cultural heritage of Russia.

Before Victoria, Petrov met exclusively with actresses. He met Stasya Miloslavskaya on the set of the film “Streltsov” in 2019. Stasya did not hide that she wanted to start a family with her beloved man.

“He and I have been together for three years. I want to get married, like any other girl. But I still haven’t thought about a dress or anything else,” said the actress.

Before his romance with Miloslavskaya, Petrov dated actress Irina Starshenbaum. In 2017 they announced the wedding preparations, but in the end they never reached the civil registry. The couple separated two years later.

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September 22, 2023 9:44 pm