Kirkorov wore diamonds and Samburskaya showed off a daring neckline: the stylist gave a fashion verdict to the celebrities

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Philip Kirkorov.

Photo: provided by the organizers.

In show business, the pre-New Year bustle and the year in review begin as early as November. Thus, on the stage of the new “LIVE Arena” the musical marathon “Ehh, Razgulay!”, organized by Radio Chanson, went out. And it happened that throughout the evening a good half of the artists sang songs written by the poet Mikhail Gutseriev, which for a year topped the hit parade of the radio station.

Evelina Bledans also suddenly started singing. The actress showed the song “Amor Sin Sex” and shared with journalists her thoughts about the meaning of her success.

– What is there to hide, we all understand that sex is the basis of the relationship between a man and a woman. And Alexey Vandrik’s tango-style music only added sensuality. The song “Sexless Love” was our first experience of collaboration with the poet Mikhail Gutseriev, and I am very glad that he wrote this song for me,” Bledans told the “feather sharks” in the stellar song.

Well, as is tradition, the artists demonstrated their new images. Stylist and fashion blogger Anna Chekalina told KP.RU how trendy they were (or maybe failed).

Evelina Bledans

– Evelina’s scarlet suit reflects the character of the actress. She is a brilliant movie star, charismatic, a little daring and very sexy.

By the way, a red dress with a neckline will always be a win-win option for a night out. I advise fashionistas who have not yet decided on their choice of New Year’s outfit to pay attention to this color and style. The Year of the Dragon is approaching and this monster, as you know, loves the color of flames. So Evelina made the right decision and chose a very erotic and spectacular outfit that emphasized her slender form.

Anastasia Samburskaya

– Anastasia Samburskaya devotes a lot of time to sports, so any image looks spectacular on her. This time she appeared before the public as an old Hollywood actress, a kind of diva with notes of Dita Von Teese’s mood. Elegant hairstyle and daring neckline: here she is, the queen of the night.

Philip Kirkorov

– Phillip Bedrosovich, of course, as always surprising. As far as I am concerned, this is the most striking character in domestic show business, and the images of him at performances and on carpets played an important role in this. Of course, there were some “special effects” – bright accessories that have long become part of the image of the king of pop. This suit in the style of 1940s gangster films is surprisingly interestingly combined with a series of huge rings, which I think together cost as much as a one-room metropolitan apartment. It seems that gentlemen also prefer diamonds.


– The singer Slava distinguished herself this time with a shocking outfit. I would like to note separately the form of the singer. Looking at this slender beauty, would you believe that she recently became a grandmother? I think this could not have happened without the help of a stylist – total denim is now one of the main trends of the season.

Natalia Gordienko

– The dress of Natalia, Eurovision star and pupil of Philip Kirkorov, is definitely beyond any praise. Laconic and expensive. The cut perfectly highlights the figure, creating an hourglass effect that is exciting at all times. Like actress Anastasia Samburskaya, I am sure that this outfit was inspired by the images of Hollywood actresses, says stylist Anna Chekalina.

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