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Update Post: November 28, 2023 11:56 pm

Traditionally, the main discounts and promotions occur at the end of the year, say industry representatives. First come the Black Friday sales. And although it will only be November 24, most companies began announcing discounts already at the beginning of November. Sales will then transition seamlessly into December, into pre-New Year sales.

Experts say furniture makers are testing the waters for Black Friday, and even bigger sales are already happening on New Year’s Eve.

“Black Friday” is for us an artificial holiday, originating in the United States, dedicated to Thanksgiving Day. Today in the United States there are really massive sales: collections are replaced and obsolete models urgently need to be sold,” says Pavel Lyulin, vice president of the Union of Shopping Centers. But in Russia there is no such practice, so No You have to count only on “American” discounts, he believes: we are used to buying gifts in December before the New Year, and not in November or January.

“To buy furniture with benefits, compare prices and offers in advance, subscribe to newsletters from stores you are interested in to stay up to date with current offers,” advises the general director of the First Furniture Factory, Alexander Shestakov. additional discount on a specific collection or free shipping and assembly, discounts on sets such as “kitchen plus dishwasher” and much more.”

Buyers should subscribe to the social media and email newsletters of the brand they are interested in, advises Lazurit. Advantageous offers usually last only 1 to 3 days. You can participate in marketing activities and receive an additional bonus, earn a gift certificate for furniture. “Buying furniture on Black Friday and during New Year’s sales is profitable if the retailer offers an honest discount. It’s easy to check this: start monitoring prices about 10 days before the start of the promotion and you will understand what benefits they offer you. But in November and December furniture manufacturers sometimes offer discounts of up to 50%,” the company states.

“Black Friday” was initially invented by sellers as a good opportunity to earn income at the end of the year by reducing prices, attracting a significant number of customers, that is, generating volumes of sold products, says Ekaterina Khvorostova , marketing director of the interior company Mr.Doors. – It is impossible to say unequivocally that during a certain period of the year discounts are significantly lower than at other times, since big players try to launch discount promotions throughout the year, every month. “So a lot depends on when exactly the seller will launch a promotion that is really profitable and interesting for a particular customer.”

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