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We don’t use the phrase “at high speed” just as a slogan. In 2022, according to the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, only three cases of measles were detected in the republic. At the beginning of April 2023, 41, at the end – 178. In mid-May, this number was 286, as of November 1, already 3289 (!), and at the time of writing this article, 3618. When this was published number According to the newspaper, the number will probably increase even more those infected.

The majority of cases are in Bishkek: 1076. The capital is followed by Osh (695), Jalal-Abad (650), Chui (562), Batken (96), Talas (95), Issyk-Kul (72) and Naryn (39) regions. In Osh, 333 cases were registered.

As highlighted by the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis (RCI), 88 percent of those infected are children under 14 years of age. None of them are vaccinated.

– Vaccination coverage must reach more than 95 percent to interrupt transmission. Within the framework of immunization, more than 460 thousand children received the vaccine, which represents 77 percent, said the director of the RCI, Gulbara Ishenapysova.

According to him, today the additional immunization campaign against measles and rubella among children aged nine months to seven years continues in the regions and cities where the virus is actively circulating: the Bishkek, Osh, Osh and Chui regions of the country.

“Unfortunately, three deaths have been reported during the current outbreak. These are children who have not received the vaccine. The ages of the deceased are one, four and 13 years old,” added Gulbara Ishenapysova.

The closure of two schools in Jalal-Abad for quarantine and the transfer of students to distance learning also indicate how difficult the situation with measles has developed in Kyrgyzstan. In Bishkek, according to the RCI, cases of the disease were recorded in two private kindergartens and one private school, in Karakol – in a state kindergarten.

The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic reminds that only timely vaccination of children can prevent outbreaks of infection in children’s groups and reduce the risk of infection in adults. “Measles is a dangerous and highly contagious viral disease for which there is no cure and its complications can be fatal,” the department emphasizes.

Meanwhile, government agencies also maintain other statistics that clearly show why the number of people infected with measles in the republic is growing. Thus, since the beginning of 2023, more than 17,000 Kyrgyz have refused scheduled vaccinations. This is double that in 2022.

– Half of them did it for religious reasons. Previously, the number of these renegades reached 70 percent. Others doubt the quality and safety of the vaccine. Furthermore, their number, on the contrary, has increased; It turns out that many actively use social networks and receive information from them, Gulbara Ishenapysova told the RG correspondent.

The head of the ICR once again addressed the Kyrgyz people: “Representatives of traditional Islam are in favor of immunization. In this regard, we work closely with the Spiritual Administration of Muslims (SAMK), which helps to carry out explanatory work among believers. As far as I know, the Russian Orthodox Church is also officially I have never advocated refusing medical care or vaccination. I am a believer, I read the Quran and it does not say that we should neglect medical care or refuse to prevent diseases.” We should talk about the benefits and harms of vaccines. “If there is a decision by the Ministry of Health on the safety of the coronavirus vaccine, then this does not contradict the principles of Islam.”

– Every year thousands of people travel to Mecca and Medina. At the request of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, when obtaining a visa for this country, the applicant must present documented medical evidence of vaccination against influenza and meningitis. In my practice I have encountered cases that are difficult to explain. For example, the head of the family was going to perform the Hajj and was vaccinated, but at the same time he categorically refused to vaccinate her children. I tried to convince him, I told him that he had taken the necessary vaccines and, therefore, protected him from diseases, but it turns out that he decided to sacrifice his children. He responded that he was meant to receive the vaccine, but his daughter or son was not. And later in the same way… Unfortunately, doctors have no choice but to convince them that vaccines are necessary, Gulbara Ishenapysova added.

Regarding the safety of the measles vaccine, he said, the drug is used in many countries around the world. “The vaccine has been qualified by the WHO and meets all safety and efficacy requirements,” she said.

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According to the law on immunoprevention of infectious diseases, the absence of preventive vaccines entails certain consequences for citizens: a ban on traveling to countries where the stay is carried out in accordance with international health standards or international treaties that have entered into force in accordance with The procedure. established by law, to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party, requires specific preventive vaccinations; temporary refusal to admit citizens to educational and health institutions in the event of the emergence of mass infectious diseases or the threat of epidemics; refusal to hire citizens or dismissal of citizens from work, the performance of which is associated with a high risk of contracting infectious diseases.

“The list of works, the performance of which carries a high risk of contracting infectious diseases and requires mandatory preventive vaccinations, is established by the government of the Kyrgyz Republic. When carrying out immunization, citizens must follow the instructions and recommendations of medical workers; confirm in writing the rejection of preventive vaccines,” the law says.

At the same time

Protective vaccines

The Republican Immunoprophylaxis Center reminds parents of the need to vaccinate their children in accordance with the National Preventive Vaccination Schedule: “Vaccines protect against 11 different diseases and it is important to get vaccinated before the age of 18. All childhood infections are dangerous and can cause serious complications. For example, measles, mumps (mumps) and rubella are dangerous due to complications such as pneumonia, encephalitis, blindness, otitis media, which can lead to disability and even death. Without vaccines against vaccine-preventable diseases, children are vulnerable.”

The center ensures that the majority of children do not experience undesirable consequences after vaccination. “Some children may experience minor and temporary symptoms, such as pain at the injection site or mild fever. These disappear after a few days and do not require medical attention. The vaccines used in our country are safe. Cases of side effects are “They are extremely rare and are carefully monitored and investigated. If you do not get vaccinated, there is a much higher chance of suffering serious consequences. For example, polio can cause paralysis and measles can cause blindness,” the RCI explained.

Doctors insist that vaccination should be carried out even if the country does not register a large number of cases of the disease.

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