Illegitimate children of Leps, Porechenkov, Gaft and other stars: they are disinherited and recognized only years later

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Valentin Gaft with his son Vadim Nikitin 9 years ago. Frame from the program “Esta Noche”. first channel

Grigory Leps surprised his family and fans with his recent confession: it turns out that the artist has an illegitimate son. Everyone knew Leps’ four children from two official marriages. It turns out that there is also an illegitimate son: “he is already very old; there is a wonderful family there and there is no need to interfere with it.” Grigory Viktorovich said that he saw this son once many years ago and that the man does not know that Leps is his biological father. They don’t communicate. There are many stories about illegitimate children coming from the artistic field. There were also many impostors: they appear after the death of the artists. We tell five stories about illegitimate children of stars who had different relationships with their parents.

Valentin Gaft

Valentin Iosifovich Gaft died three years ago at the age of 85 surrounded by his family: his wife Olga Ostroumova was nearby, the artist was visited by her children and grandchildren. More than a quarter of a century together, they became a very close-knit family. Valentin Gaft’s blood relatives live in Brazil: the popular artist has an illegitimate son, 52-year-old Vadim Nikitin, and a grandson, 20-year-old Valentin, who was born with his grandfather on the same day, September 2.

Gaft was married three times. In his second marriage to the dancer Inna Eliseeva, he had a daughter, Olga. Valentin Iosifovich’s daughter committed suicide 21 years ago after a fight with her mother. The Kremlin Ballet dancer turns 29 forever. Gaft found personal happiness only in his third marriage, to actress Olga Ostroumova, accepting his daughter, her son, and her grandchildren as family.

Long before marrying Ostroumova, Gaft, 36, had a brief affair with Moscow artist Elena Nikitina, 31. When Nikitina became pregnant and told Gaft, the actor quickly disappeared from Elena’s life. Once, Nikitina mugged Gaft on the street and showed him a photo of her son Vadim; She said her son was three years old. Valentin took the photo and left in silence. And a year later, Nikitina left with her son to reside permanently in Brazil, since her sister and her husband lived there. Elena raised her son alone, she became a famous artist in Sao Paulo and opened an art school. Elena never said a bad word to her son about her father. Vadim works as a theater director. Gaft’s son is divorced, but he often communicates with his son: Valentin Adariu Frateschi sings in a rock band.

Valentin Gaft met his son once: six years before his death on a television show, where he flew thanks to a program agreed with the artist. After the transmission, the son spent three days with his father: they talked and walked. Vadim flew to his house in Brazil and called his father a couple of times. In his last television interview, shortly before his death, Valentin Iosifovich answered the question: “Is it a joy to be Valya’s grandfather?” He-he answered he: “This is joy with tears in my eyes.” Gaft was worried she would never see his grandson again. The son never asked his father for money, but his mother once told Gaft that Vadim had been beaten; the artist himself decided to send money for treatment.

Vadim was unable to fly to Russia to attend his father’s funeral from Brazil: it was the height of the pandemic. Vadim said that he had no intention of claiming the inheritance. Gaft publicly acknowledged his son, but did not document it. The son says that his father’s legacy is the poems of Valentin Gaft.

Semchev and his son

Alexander Semchev, 54, and his second wife raised their son Fyodor: he is 17 years old, and his son from his first marriage, Kirill, is 31 years old. The honored artist also has an illegitimate son, 33-year-old Pavel Mozhinov, who until he reached adulthood only received alimony from his famous father Sasha, and received no further attention. Now Pavel works as a track fitter on the railway and has a 4-year-old daughter, Valeria.

Semchev began attending talk shows with stories about his illegitimate son nine years ago: for the sake of fees. Pavel also began to go there, but for a more modest remuneration: he dreamed of starting communication with his father, he never asked for money.

Alexander Semchev with his son Pavel. Frame from the program “Let them Speak”. Channel One

20-year-old Semchev met the mother of his first daughter, Tatyana Mozhinova, in his native Vyshny Volochyok, when he had just returned from the army, and she was a year younger and came to study nursing. Semchev said: “Many years ago I met a girl, Tanya, at a dance in medical school. I liked her inner modesty.” The couple met and lived with Semchev’s mother. Alexander Semchev said in the program “The Secret of a Million” that he left Tatyana and went to conquer Moscow when he found out about her pregnancy: “Everything was calming down at that time, but not enough to get married. I found out about the pregnancy and I thought it was inappropriate, I just felt internal panic…” Tatyana was then six months pregnant and went to her parents in the city of Pochep, Bryansk region: “My relatives insisted that I sue, both must take responsibility. Semchev participated in the child’s life: he paid support. I did not get married, the teachers were good. “Now the woman says that Semcheva has forgiven him and thanks him for having a wonderful son.

Pavel saw his father for the first time when Semchev arrived with a play from Moscow to the city where he lived with his mother: “I saw my father for the first time when I was 14 years old, he came on tour with his theater. After the performance, they came out to bow and I went up on stage with a bouquet of flowers and said who I am.” The son described that conversation with his father behind the scenes as sincere. And Semchev described his impressions this way: “I definitely remember my feelings. “It was uncomfortable.”

The Semchevs began to communicate closely with their son when they both visited a dozen talk shows. Once, for a fee, they told a story: supposedly a father stole a girl from his son. Now they are called, Semchev sent his granddaughter a doll and a monkey.

Mikhail Porechenkov

Mikhail Porechenkov, 54, has his only granddaughter – 8-year-old Miloslava. The girl is the daughter of Porechenkov’s eldest son, 33-year-old Vladimir Lyubimtsev. This boy is the illegitimate son of the actor. Additionally, Mikhail has a daughter from his first marriage and two sons and a daughter from his current wife.

Mikhail Porechenkov and his son Vladimir


Porechenkov met his illegitimate son Vladimir when the boy was 19 years old. Since then, the father has been supportive and supportive of his son. In his youth, Mikhail Porechenkov studied at the Tallinn Higher Military-Political School. There he had an affair with Irina Lyubimtseva. Porechenkov left school and went home, and Ira gave birth to a son. The woman died when the child was six years old and Vova was raised by her mother’s sister and grandmother. They did not hide from the boy who her father was. But Vova was embarrassed to call Porechenkov. And the actor then said that he did not know about Irina’s death. However, the meeting between father and son occurred. Porechenkov said his faith in God and his confessor prompted him to meet his son. Porechenkov’s wife reacted with understanding to the appearance of a new member of the family: Vova moved from Tallinn to Moscow, lived in her father’s house and graduated from the MS Shchepkina Higher Theater School. Now Vladimir Lyubimtsev is an active actor: among his projects are “The Heart of Parma”, “Alice”, “Polar”, many films and television series will be released in the near future. Lyubimtsev also performs at the Moscow Art Theater. His son and his father have a good relationship. Vladimir has his own family, he visits his father.

Vyacheslav Dobrynin

Dobrynin, 77, rarely appears in public after a stroke. Author and performer Vyacheslav Dobrynin has been happy for 38 years with his second wife, Irina. From his first marriage, Dobrynin has a daughter, Ekaterina, who has lived in the United States for more than twenty years: since she married an American, she gave birth to a son and a daughter. Once (long before his illness) Dobrynin answered a question about an illegitimate child: “Yes, that’s right. This was related to my trip to Siberia as part of the Lundström orchestra in 1970. Her name was Svetlana and she was sitting in the front row watching me. She fell really in love with me and then followed me to all the cities. The child was born in 1971, I know. This was confirmed by many circumstances: letters, events, the arrival of that girl here. But at that time I was already engaged to my first wife … I did not see him (about the illegitimate son-approx.), Only in photographs: first at the age of 2-3 years, then -18. his name is Alik, Albert. I know he already has children. And as for the surname… then I was 24 years old and not yet Dobrynin…” And Svetlana was then 21 years old, and only 7 years ago she told her son who his biological father was – then a concert was shown in television on the occasion of Dobrynin’s anniversary: ​​what a child The relative was raised by the woman’s husband.

Albert asks for a meeting with Vyacheslav Dobrynin: Photo: Marco NTV

Dobrynin did not want to meet the man who called himself his son. And this fall, Albert went on a talk show with his story: he said that for the past three years he had been trying to communicate with his sister Katya and his father through social media; They did not answer him and he does not claim the inheritance: he just wants to communicate. Albert Stefan, 51, lives in the city of Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, and works at a ski resort as the head of the IT department. Albert was left speechless when he found out who his father was and the story of how his pregnant mother went to Dobrynin in Moscow: “He said that he already has a girlfriend, so nothing will work out. At that time they broke up.” On one of the talk shows they even did a DNA test to determine the relationship between Albert and a distant relative of Dobrynin, although they admitted that the examination of such distant relatives cannot be reliable.

Denis Klyaver

Author and performer Denis Klyaver, after breaking up with his second wife and before meeting his third, had a brief affair with a colleague, after which Eva Polna gave birth to a daughter, Evelyn, 18 years ago. Denis recognized the girl: he helped her financially and always communicated and participated in her education. Klyaver just publicly spoke about this fact from his biography when the girl grew up. Denis has an excellent relationship with his daughter and his mother. All of his children are friendly and talkative: Evelyn, his son from his second marriage, Timofey, and his son Daniel from his current wife.

Denis Klyaver with his daughter Eva

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