How to choose a belt that lasts a long time and looks elegant? Tips for men

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“An accessory as universal as the belt can decorate, refresh and make any look more interesting. The main thing is to wear it correctly. Let’s figure out how and what to combine this with.”

A belt is an accessory that we have known for a long time. Even in the time of Julius Caesar, the belt was considered popular equipment. If now everyone uses it, then in the 5th-4th centuries BC e. this article was exclusively male. It was used both as decoration and functionally to carry weapons. Belts began to be used to hold up pants only during the First World War.

Nowadays, a belt is mainly used to complete an outfit. It is available in completely different colors, materials and designs. That’s why there can be problems with how to use it correctly.

How to wear a belt correctly?

The belt must be worn in loops. The smell for women is on the left, for men on the right. There is a life hack that will help you easily determine this moment. The side on which the pants fasten is the same as the belt.

By the way, few people know, but this accessory is a must-have for jeans. If there are tags (stripes) on the pants, then they should be worn over them.

There are certain etiquette standards that dictate that the buckle must match the color of the accessories. The belt itself matches the tone of the shoe, especially if it is not black, but, for example, brown.


The exception is the white couple. Because? The white belt is a story with a lot of emphasis. If you add shoes of the same bright color, it may be too much.

It is also important to know that today fashion standards are changing, the rules are no longer strict. For example, it was previously impossible to mix accessories made of different metals in one set. Today this is normal. The same goes for belt and shoe combinations.

You can exercise creative freedom. You just need to know what effects certain combinations create. Remember that the more contrast the belt and pants have, the more informal the look will be. Models of the same tone visually lengthen the silhouette. Using this technique will make you look taller.

If you find it difficult to choose, give preference to a classic black or brown leather belt with a minimalist buckle. It’s a win-win situation.

When wearing patent leather shoes, you should pair them with a shiny tie and belt. Fans of matte materials should choose the same accessories.

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What material should the belt be made of?

Today we have a wide variety of belts at our disposal. In classic looks with leather shoes, it is also advisable that they be made of this material. If your shoes are sports shoes (for example, sneakers), then it is recommended and even appropriate to use an accessory made of woven leather or textiles. Thus, you can continue with the idea of ​​an informal and free style.

A suede belt requires support in the form of shoes made of a similar material. The fabric options combine well with chinos and cotton models.

By the way, to determine whether a belt is made of genuine leather or not, there is a trick. Lightly run your fingernail along the back. If there is any mark left on the product, it is a quality accessory. If there are no deformations, unfortunately it is an artificial material.


What should the buckle be like?

The most popular is the frame buckle. Many people choose it because it is universal and matches a wardrobe that will “work” for many years. The standard width of the buckle should be 5-7 cm. Other options are also in fashion: boxes, plates, clips.

An important rule to follow is that the color of the buckle (gold or silver) should be in harmony with the tone of the metal accessories. We are talking about watches, bracelets, cufflinks and tie pins.

The best option is an open buckle. If you like closed ones, give preference to a model with an anchor or clamp. No holes needed here. Most often, fabric models have this type of buckles.

How wide and long should the belt be?

The standard belt width is 5 cm. Why? Using it implies functionality: either we make an accent or it holds the lower belt if the product has loops.

A thin belt should be supported by other clothing items. For example, narrow jacket lapels, a tie or sharp shoe toes.

In any case, remember that the boundaries of the label have been blurred. The rules of fashion are not as categorical as before, although they are still the norm.


The use of belts with suspenders is not recommended because they are considered underwear. It is best to use suspenders with products that do not have clips. But don’t forget that this is the norm. In general, you can choose what you like best and matches your stylistic image.

How long should the belt measure? This is a common question. It is important that when fastened, the end of the belt is approximately the length of the thumb of formal wear. In other cases a little more time is allowed. The most important thing is that it does not reach the second loop.

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When can’t you do without a belt?

Just because your pants don’t fall down doesn’t mean you have to give up this wardrobe item. Because? It is he who will create the integrity of the overall image of a man. But this is not the only reason to use it.

A belt should be worn when:

You wear jeans, your shirt is tucked into your pants, with a classic suit.

What is important to know before buying?

Make sure you think about what you will use it with. It is important that the option you like suits your general wardrobe style and body type. Follow the rule: a narrow belt will add volume to your hips, while a belt that is too wide will significantly shorten your legs.

How do you know if the seat belt is on correctly?

Try on the belt. Look how he sits. The men’s accessory should fit at the waist and hips, without being too tight. Attach to the middle hole (usually the third one). The free end should be passed through the belt loop of your pants so that it does not hang.


How to store the belt?

In order for it to serve you for a long time, you need to remember a few points. First of all, you must have several models of belts in your closet. The only accessory will quickly lose its presentable appearance. Secondly, the belt must be stored correctly. This way, no wrinkles or twists will form in your product. There are several options.

1. Containers and organizers

Nowadays, storage organizers are available in large quantities in stores and markets. Including belts. They are stylish and will fit into any apartment design. But the main thing is that they are easy to use. The belt should be stored rolled up.

2. Hooks or hangers

This is the most popular storage method. In an upright position, your accessory will retain its presentable appearance for a long time. You can use adhesive-based hooks. In this case, they are fixed to the inside of the furniture. Remember that a maximum of two accessories should hang from a hook.

A simple option is hangers. On sale there are both special ones for belts and regular hangers with additional hooks.

3. Removable sections

Most manufacturers of built-in wardrobes and walk-in closets offer a functional way to store belts. These are retractable sections with hooks. They are easy to integrate into the design since they take up little space.

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