How did naturopath Paul Bragg plan to live to be 120? The history and methods of it.

Alternative medicine has always existed. At the end of the 20th century in the United States, the main promoter of a healthy lifestyle was a famous naturopath. Paul Bragg. Every American knows his name, but behind him there is a trail of secrets and scandals. Paul Bragg was idolized, then criticized and exposed. We invite you to learn about his life and analyze the methods he proposed, together with experts: a nutritionist and a doctor.

How did it all begin?

His life is surrounded by mystery. It is not known with certainty when Paul Bragg was born. According to him, in 1881. However, according to official data, he was born on February 6, 1895.

Most of the facts of his biography are full of discrepancies. There is only information that he served in the National Guard, he worked as an insurance agent, after which the future naturopath moved to the east coast of the United States. Here he began working as a physical education teacher and also coached the local varsity football team.

How did a healthy lifestyle appear in the life of the average American? Paul became interested in him after he fell ill with tuberculosis at the age of 16. Doctors gave disappointing prognoses. The parents decided to send his son to Switzerland for treatment. The local doctor Auguste Rollier cured his patients by sunbathing and doing physiotherapy. This method helped Bragg recover quickly. Furthermore, he had a dream: to become a doctor.

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In 1926, Paul opened a medical center in Los Angeles. At the same time, Bragg began writing a newspaper news column with advice on living a healthy lifestyle. Over time, they became full-fledged performances and lectures that he gave in various cities around the country.

He talked about the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition. Initially the consultations were free, but soon the American began charging for his recommendations. This allowed him to earn hundreds of dollars.

Soon, Paul Bragg decided to write the book “Cure Yourself” to promote his ideas to the masses. It is true that he was very quickly accused of copyright infringement. The text of the work had already been previously published by someone else.

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Paul Bragg’s healing method

The American naturopath has developed several dozen methods for healing the human body. However, the most famous is fasting algorithmwhich is described in the book “The Miracle of Fasting”.

Bragg believed that a strict diet helps not only to lose weight, but also to cure a large number of diseases.

The essence of the approach is to fast for one, three, seven or ten days. You are only allowed to drink distilled water and also drink honey and lemon juice once a day. It is important to perform special gymnastics for the muscles, joints and spine.

It is also necessary to walk a lot, breathe well and think positively, be kind to the world and to others. It is necessary to exclude minerals, coffee and alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to exit this diet carefully.

Expert opinion

fitness nutritionist, nutritionist, detox trainer

“This diet has a series of pros and cons. Fasting improves intestinal cleansing processes. However, a daily fast of 12 to 16 hours is effective: dinner at 6:00 p.m. and breakfast at 9:00 a.m. Excess dairy and flour products reduce immunity, as they feed harmful microflora in the intestines. Here there are no products that strengthen the immune system. They are vegetables, vegetables, algae and fruits.”

Be positive, walk and move – these are the only tips that are likely to suit everyone. If you were deficient in iron or vitamin D3 before fasting, there is a risk that your levels will be even lower. The result is dizziness and weakness already on the second day of said diet. If you are addicted to sugar or coffee, quitting them abruptly can cause increased anxiety. Water with honey and lemon on an empty stomach is not safe for gastritis and high acidity. This will irritate the stomach walls.


Paul Bragg Exercises

Paul Bragg developed techniques for spinal reconstruction. They are still popular. According to the author, the exercises only work in combination.

Exercise 1:

1. You must lie face down on the floor.2. Raise your pelvis and arch your back so that your pelvis is above the level of your lowered head. Support should be on the toes and palms. 3. Feet are shoulder-width apart and knees and elbows straight.4. Lower your pelvis as close to the floor as possible, raise your head, and then tilt it back.

It has a positive effect on the part of the nervous system responsible for the functioning of the eye muscles and on the nerves that connect the stomach and intestines.

Exercise 2:

1. Repeat the position from Exercise 1.2. Now rotate your pelvis to the right so that your side falls as low as possible. 3. Do the same on the other side.

Effective for liver and kidney diseases.

Exercise 3:

1. Sit on the floor, lean on your outstretched arms and bend your legs. 2. You should raise your pelvis so that your body weight rests on straight arms and bent legs. 3. Raise your torso so that your spine is horizontal. Lower.

The technique helps with pain in the lumbar spine.


Exercise 4:

1. You must lie on the floor face up. In this case, the legs should be extended and the arms extended to the sides. 2. Bend your knees and pull them toward your chest, supporting them with your arms. 3. Next, move your knees and hips away from your chest. While raising your head, try to touch your chin to your knees. 4. Hold this position for several seconds.

The nerves that are responsible for the functioning of the stomach develop.

Exercise 5:

1. Repeat the position from Exercise 1.2. In this position, you need to step forward for five minutes.

This is where the gluteal muscles are stretched.

The complex is suitable for daily training.

Expert opinion

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Culture, State Medical University

“By analyzing Paul Bragg’s set of exercises, we can confirm the assumption that movement is life. The body must function. The best known causes of back pain are congenital injuries or those received during life. In addition, insufficient training of the spinal muscles, which perform the “corset” function.

The main principle in restoring spinal function is to create a local impact. The presented special therapeutic physical exercises (PT) can have such an effect on paravertebral muscle structures. This will lead to improvement of metabolic and trophic processes in tissues, effective restoration of work in damaged segments of the spine, reduction of pain and restoration of normal locomotion.

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Criticisms and revelations of Paul Bragg

Paul Bragg has often been criticized by the public. The main complaint was that the promoter of a healthy lifestyle had no medical training.

Experts analyzed his books. They pointed out errors in the approach. He was accused of mislabeling products manufactured in his factory. He gave incorrect advice about medications and dietary supplements.

Bragg often said he participated in wrestling tournaments. His daughter said she was on the United States Olympic team. He even won gold with the national team. However, this has not been documented anywhere. Furthermore, he was never listed as a participant in the Games reports.

Death of Paul Bragg

Even the death of Paul Bragg was not without “revelations.” There was a version that he died at the age of 95 while surfing. Steve Shankman, translator of Bragg’s books in the USSR, participated in their distribution. It was he who wrote that the cause of the naturopath’s death was not old age, but a tragic accident: a huge wave that covered him while he was sailing off the coast of Florida. However, official data refute this heroic version.

The Miami Herald reported that Paul Bragg had died (December 10, 1976). The cause of death was also reported there. Paul Bragg died on December 7, 1976. The cause is a heart attack. He was 81 years old. This version is confirmed by the death certificate.

Unfortunately, Paul Bragg did not live to be 120 years old. However, he was a passionate man, whose fate certainly cannot be considered ordinary. What rules did he advise him to follow so as not to become discouraged and grow old before his time?

Paul Bragg’s Rules of Life

1. It is important to take care of your health periodically:

“Remember: health must be earned! It can not be bought. Nobody will sell it to you. I am full of health and energy precisely because I study the laws of nature and follow them. The laws of natural nutrition, the laws of self-purification through fasting, physical exercise: this is what leads to a life without old age.”

2. You need to eat less:

“Eat to live, don’t live to eat. The more food, the more diseases.”

3. There is no need to rush anywhere, it is important to slow down:

“We have forgotten that living means feeling alive and happy. A quiet life is the happiness of few in our society. Life now is rush, rush and more rush. Where are we in a hurry? To the hospital or to the grave?

4. It is worth loving life and being its owner:

“I want to live 120 years or more and in excellent physical condition. I love life! Every day of my life is a miracle! “I manage myself, I want to be master of my life and I value every hour I live!”

5. You need to be young at heart:

“I spend all my free time with young men and women or children who treat me as an equal and are as young in body and soul as I am. But I stay away from people who age prematurely because they have a negative effect on me. “They’ve convinced themselves for so long that they’re old.”

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