Hollywood stars dance to it: Katya Lel’s hit about “jagu-jaga” from twenty years ago suddenly jumped to TOV-5 of the world charts

Update Post: December 9, 2023 9:24 am

Singer Katya Lel. Video clip frame

Now the public associates Katya Lel with fantastic stories: or an encounter with humanoids, or the extraction of all her teeth, or being kidnapped on a spaceship by a blue-eyed blonde, or clones on other planets, or the gift of healing and divination. And in the carefree 2000s, Maxim Fadeev wrote for her completely mundane, to say the least, hits that delighted the audience with ease, lack of deep meaning and energy.

Only now, years later, do we get the meanings of individual phrases. So, for example, “jaga-jaga” from the hit “My Marmalade” (everyone remembers the clip in the car and with the butterfly) is not a meaningless set of lyrics, but a certain state of pleasure and enthusiasm, friendship and love. . (literally: “hey, things are going well”), as Katya clarified.

Like good wine, Lel’s creativity begins to gain even more weight only with time. And now, almost 20 years later, the world got a taste of the melody written by Maxim Fadeev: the song began to be added to viral videos and distributed on social networks. Foreigners do not hesitate to put on fur coats (the song is Russian!) and dance “jagu-jagu” on social media, spreading the hashtag #slavicgirl. Of course, listening to the hit also began to grow.

And on Monday, November 20, it became known that the song “My jam” appears in the updated charts of Spotify (a popular Swedish music platform that aggressively entered the Russian market in 2020, but abruptly left it at the beginning of 2022). Released in 2004, it ranked fifth on the list of top trends. Mom Kim Kardashian and other Hollywood celebrities dance to it.

Katya Lel left behind Taylor Swift and Kanye West, other global stars.

“This is a victory, a Russian victory,” the artist commented on the success of the song abroad. – I am incredibly satisfied with this. I understand one thing, this is the energy of sound. Now everything that happens and will happen in the world is based on energy vibrations. I am incredibly happy that this is happening in my life.

By the way, this song may not have been released at all!

— Maxim Fadeev, after writing “My Jam,” told me: “For some reason I don’t like it, it makes me angry, it irritates me. I will write more cool and this one will go in the trash,” the singer recalled in an interview with KP. “I begged him for a long time: “Stop. This is a mega hit! Great happiness that I defended this song. My intuition did not disappoint me. Now I always think with horror: what if I surrendered to Max and said: “Come on!” You know better. You are a genius.” We had both the album “Jaga-Jaga”, which went platinum, and a solo program in the “Russia” concert hall.

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