Herald defends the Constitution at the delivery of its annual awards

Heraldo held a new edition of its annual awards last night, coinciding with the anniversary of the oldest newspaper of the Aragonese press, which has just turned 128 years old. The event was hosted by the president of the newspaper, Paloma de Yarza López-Madrazo, and that of Henneo – the communication and technology group to which the Aragonese newspaper belongs, as well as 20minutos, La information and Cinemanía –, Fernando de Yar za López. -Madrazo. In this 20th edition, the journalist Pepa Fernández was awarded the Mompeón Motos Prize for journalism, the bibliographer and writer Pepe Melero was awarded the Prize for Human Values ​​and Knowledge, and the president of the Ibercaja Foundation, Amado Franco, was awarded the Henneo prize. . .

“They are three people who embody values ​​inherent to Heraldo such as good journalism, passion for Aragon and contribution to the social, economic and cultural improvement of our fellow citizens,” highlighted the president of Henneo, Fernando de Yarza López-Madrazo.

In his speech, Fernando de Yarza made a strong defense of the 1978 Constitution and warned that “outside its limits there is no democracy, there is no nation.” In the face of political uncertainty, he wanted to send, however, an optimistic message for the future: “The horizon looks bleak, but there is hope.” We Spaniards have shown that we knew how to move from a dictatorship to an exemplary democracy supported by the Constitution. We have also demonstrated over the years that we are a society with strong roots and solid values ​​that does not flinch in the face of difficulties.” And he defended that “Henneo is a century-old group that flees from frentism.” “With the Heraldo de Aragón at the helm, it is a liberal, independent and transversal group. Here we all work so that all citizens fit,” he noted.

In her welcome speech, Paloma de Yarza assured that Heraldo’s daily efforts are “to improve a model of society that must be based on collaboration, shared commitment and equal opportunities.” He highlighted, in fact, that equality between men and women is reflected “in milestones such as the formation of the future queen of Spain at the AGM, the three female mayors in the Aragonese provincial capitals and the historic victories of the Spanish women’s soccer team in The World Cup and the Casademont women’s team in the Queen’s Cup are a reflection of the normality that society demands.” The president of Heraldo also highlighted the retention of talent as one of “immediate challenges that we must face as a Community” and the defense of quality education “from the maximum consensus.”

Awards 2023

This edition’s Mompeón Motos journalism award was given to the announcer and journalist, Pepa Fernández, for her brilliant professional career. Paloma de Yarza highlighted that for two decades she “has led a space where we can all meet. It brings together the best of what we have: our literature, our language, our good humor and our ability to dialogue. It is the program that we like to listen to because it conveys the image of the country that we like to be.”

The Human Values ​​and Knowledge award went to the bibliophile and writer José Luis Melero, “disseminator of Aragonese culture, curious reader, talented writer and experienced jurist”, of whom the president emphasized “his deep love for Zaragoza and Aragon and their generosity.”

The Henneo Group also wanted to grant this year its traditional recognition to Amado Franco, currently president of the Ibercaja Foundation and a key figure in the Aragonese economy in recent decades. “Everyone recognizes his brilliant professional and personal career. If last year I spoke to you about Ibercaja as the cornerstone of Aragon, its history, at least in the last 50 years, cannot be understood without the imprint of Amado Franco,” praised de Yarza, who highlighted the transformation, the drive for expansion . and the financial restructuring that Amado Franco undertook in the entity.

This award ceremony took place at the newspaper’s printing plant in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) and was attended by the Minister of Education and Professional Training, Pilar Alegría, and the president of Aragón, Jorge Azcón, among other political representatives. . , economic and social of the Community.

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September 22, 2023 9:25 pm