He kicked the ball in his teammate’s face and it flew towards the goal. A curiosity gave Ignashevich victory

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He kicked the ball in his teammate’s face and it flew towards the goal. A curiosity gave Ignashevich victory

Nikita Paglazov September 23, 2023, 18:55 Moscow time

But the most important thing: what a good game Kaliningrad goalkeeper Evgeniy Latyshonok had against Akhmat.

Baltika is an outsider in the RPL. Sergei Ignashevich’s team scored only four points in eight rounds, closing the standings before the start of the ninth round. Although, depending on the game, the Kaliningraders don’t deserve to be that low. Taking into account the class of football players, Ignashevich created a combat-ready team. In the match against Akhmat at home, Baltika had an excellent opportunity to get their second victory of the season.

From the first minutes of the meeting in Kaliningrad, the teams actively attacked. Already in the 3rd minute, the Baltic striker Angelo Henriques had a good opportunity, but the Chilean could not adapt to the ball. And then came a series of dangerous moments on Akhmat’s part. Akhmat forward Mohamed Konate had a chance, but each time Baltika was stopped by goalkeeper Evgeniy Latyshonok (or assisted on the goal). For example, the 17th minute stop was spectacular. The Baltika goalkeeper sent the ball over the crossbar after a header from Konate. Already in the first half, Latyshonok played enough to win the player of the match award.

Here’s why you shouldn’t focus on Baltika’s position in the tournament:

Ignashevich is trusted in the case. Baltika’s last place in the RPL is misleading

Although in the 40th minute the Baltika goalkeeper could have been sent off. He brought down Akhmat’s winger Bernard Berisha. It was fortunate that he was offside at that moment. And once again luck played in Baltika’s favor in the 43rd minute. Sergei Ignashevich’s team opened the scoring thanks to an own goal by Akhmat defender Evgeniy Kharin. The curious goal began with a pass from Baltika forward Sergei Pryakhin to Christian Bistrovich. The home team’s Croatian newcomer threw the ball into the area, where Akhmat defender Yasmin Celikovich tried to clear the ball. But he hit his teammate, Evgeniy Kharin. And from him the ball flew into Akhmat’s goal! A fortunate combination of circumstances helped Baltika.

At the beginning of the second half, the teams exchanged dangerous chances. First, Georgy Shelia saved Akhmat’s goal. The goalkeeper deflected the Baltika forward Henriques’ shot off the goal line. And a minute later, Akhmat’s players grabbed their heads. Vladimir Ilyin allowed Anton Shvets, who shot into the Baltika goal. Almost at point blank range! But Latyshonok made a beautiful save and once again saved the Kaliningraders. Baltika gave the ball to Akhmat in the second half, trying to act as number two.

Obviously, the team was only interested in victory, and how they would achieve it was the second question. Although moments still appeared. In the 74th minute, Baltika midfielder Maxim Kuzmin, who came on as a substitute, missed an opportunity after a mistake by the visitors: he broke into the area, beat Shelia, but found himself at too close an angle to the goal . And in the end, “Baltika” threatened the opponent’s goal even more often.

“Baltika” – “Akhmat” – 1:0

Photo: vk.com/fcbaltika

The Kaliningraders finally got their second victory of the season, despite seven added minutes. Baltika temporarily rose to 13th place, leaving the direct relegation zone. And Akhmat remained in tenth place, missing the opportunity to get closer to the top 5. Baltika deserved the victory, goalkeeper Latyshonok was especially good. By the way, he was still recognized as the best player of the match. Now it is important for the residents of Kaliningrad not to lose positive emotions: a trip to CSKA awaits them. Maybe Ignashevich will also surprise his former team?

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