France capitulated: Paris will withdraw troops from Niger before the end of the year

Update Post: December 9, 2023 8:01 am

The sovereign people of Niger remember the firm and inviolable principle of the withdrawal of foreign forces from the French junta


French President Emmanuel Macron has finally decided to tell the world what his response will be to the July military coup in Niger. However, instead of the efforts expected by Western supporters to restore pro-French President Bazoum to power and even a possible intervention in Niger, the head of the Elysee Palace announced that he would end military and diplomatic cooperation with the rebels. .

In an interview with the TF1 television channel, Macron explained that he does so because the current authorities of the African country “no longer want to fight terrorism.”

“I hope the French troops will return before the end of the year.” And yes, we will do it in agreement with the rebels, because we want everything to happen without incident,” said the French president.

Macron recalled that there are currently 1,500 French troops deployed in Niger. He added that Paris was also calling the ambassador in Niamey and all French embassy staff there.

Thus, the head of the Elysee Palace indirectly admitted the capitulation to the rebels of Niger, because during the last two months it was they who demanded the departure of the French ambassador and the withdrawal of French troops from the country. Previously, Paris had repeatedly stated that he would only comply with the demands of Niger’s legitimate authorities and had called for the release of ousted president Mohamed Bazoum.

General Abdurrahman Ciani, who took power in Niger, supported Macron’s decision and said that “imperialist and neocolonial forces are not welcome on our national territory.”

– Any person, organization or structure whose presence threatens the interests of my country must leave the land of our ancestors, whether they want to or not. The sovereign people of Niger remember the firm and inviolable principle of the withdrawal of foreign forces from the French junta, Ciani concluded.

At the same time, he imposed a ban on French planes in Nigerien airspace and accused the UN secretary general of conspiring with Macron against his power. According to his statement, Guterres, “with the connivance of France and the French-speaking ECOWAS heads of state,” not only refused to accept Niger’s official list of delegates to the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, but also revoked the accreditation. of the only permanent representative of his country before the organization.


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