For Biden, a time bomb is burning in the United States: how the president’s blackmail will end

Joe Biden has not only repeatedly called himself “the most unionist head of state,” but he also dreams of being re-elected for a second term.


The United States was swept by a wave of strikes. Either employees of courier companies, which carry out most of the shipments of orders and packages over the Internet, threatened to stop working, or school bus drivers promised to disrupt the start of the school year. But we managed to reach an agreement with all of them and their demands were met. And few people pay attention to the strike of Hollywood writers and directors: there is no less spectacle in America.

Stop work

But in the United States, the assembly lines of three car factories suddenly stopped working: General Motors, Stellantis Jeep Wrangler and Ford. And this is a serious blow to the White House.

The American automotive industry has lost its position in the last two decades. Everyone remembers that it was the Americans who made cars accessible to almost everyone, and that for many years it was the American automakers who dictated the laws of the four-wheel fashion. Today they prefer cars made in Asia, but Ford, Cadillac and Chrysler models are still produced in the United States in considerable volumes and are in high demand. The economies of several large states still depend solely on the automobile and related industries. More than 200 thousand people are members of the United Automobile Workers Union (UAW) in the United States.

And so the UAW went on strike, demanding that automakers raise wages by 40% over four years and a host of other benefits and preferences, from reducing the number of hours per shift to increasing tax contributions. Pension funds.

strange model

It was decided to start the strike according to an unusual scheme, called Stand Up: the factories go on strike one by one, while the union bosses negotiate with the company owners. If no progress is made, next week more and more labor groups will begin to join the strike every day.

So far no progress is expected: businessmen have already calculated that if they accept the UAW’s demands, they will simply go bankrupt. Ford presented specific calculations: next year alone, with the new salaries, the corporation will lose $14.5 billion, although it could make $30 billion in profits.

foreign leader

But UAW leader Sean Fein is unwavering and vows to completely shut down the entire American auto industry. And if this happens, a chain reaction will occur: factories producing glass and rubber for the automobile giants will also close, ships carrying shipments of cars for export will be forced to cancel their trips, and thousands of car dealers will They will go bankrupt.

Fane is called the “cunning fox.” He made a precise calculation: he started a strike only in three factories, not in the largest ones, and prohibited only 13 thousand workers from going to work. Furthermore, all of these companies are located in states that traditionally vote for the Democratic Party, whose leader, the current US president Joe Biden, has not only repeatedly called himself “the most unionist head of state”, but also dreams of reelection to a second period.

Exact calculation

Biden’s chances of winning the soon-to-be US election are slim, and losing even one state’s votes could be crucial for him. And American unions are famous, first of all, for the fact that they disciplinedly guarantee the unanimous expression of the will of their members in elections at all levels. In the case of the UAW, this is, by a conservative estimate, several million votes (union members and their families).

Fein understands this and explicitly states that if the strikers’ demands are not met, then “the UAW will abandon Biden’s re-election bid.” The White House heard this threat; Biden and Fein had already met, but as the UAW chief later said, “the president did nothing to please auto workers.”

– The workers are not afraid of anything. They are afraid of us. And do you know who? Corporate media, business owners, the White House. – Fein believes, using a unique formula: according to his calculations, workers’ salaries represent only 5% of the selling price of a car, and the required 40% increase will not affect either the price of cars or profits of the automotive giants.

To each one according to his ability.

Fein is accused of cleverness: there are not that many workers in his union, but there are all kinds of employees, advertising agents, car dealer salesmen, union leaders and other “blue collar” workers who have never even set foot outside the union. a factory. . The increase specifically demanded by the UAW in their salaries will precisely make automobile production in the United States unprofitable. And the union understands this, which is why they did not plan to stop all the transporters. Fein is hoping that business owners will donate a little as a result of the negotiations, and the rest will be allocated by Biden in the form of government grants, who has nothing to lose.

The only winner

Meanwhile, Fein, confident in his victory, gives numerous interviews. His smile disappears from his face only when he hears Musk’s name. A professional guardian of anyone’s interests cannot do anything about the fact that the capacity of Tesla factories owned by Elon Musk is growing and that in this corporation there was and is no place for unions and strikers.


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September 22, 2023 9:50 pm