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Update Post: November 28, 2023 10:32 am

“According to Russian family law, the father and mother have equal rights and responsibilities in relation to a common child. The minor child will live with his or her father or mother, depending on the joint decision of the parents or a court order in the lack of possibility for the father and mother of the child to reach an agreement,” Yudina explained.

Until the child reaches adulthood, parents are obliged to fully support him, meeting the basic needs for housing, food, clothing, as well as taking care of his development and upbringing. The parent with whom the child does not remain is obliged to pay alimony for the maintenance of his or her daughter or son in the manner established by law, either as a percentage of salary or other income, or in an established “fixed” amount by agreement of the parents or by the court, the lawyer clarified.

However, alimony payments cannot always provide acceptable living conditions. For example, a parent left with a child can rent an apartment, especially if he and the child previously lived in the second parent’s apartment, which was purchased before marriage and was not subject to division. In this case, when calculating alimony, the court takes into account the cost of renting the home.

“In 2020, the Russian Federation adopted Federal Law No. 10-FZ of February 6, 2020 on amendments to the Family Code. According to this regulatory act, now, under certain conditions, “alimony for the housing”. , a parent who is with a child does not live, pays an additional amount of rent, however, here are grounds for this parent to apply to the court to review the decision on the child’s place of residence, and will appeal to the fact that the second parent, with whom the child remains, does not have the living conditions that guarantee his or her accommodation needs and full development,” Yudina added.

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