Five reasons to see The Magic Lot. A hit comedy about fairy tale heroes in modern times.

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On November 9, the series “The Magic Lot” began at the Okko online cinema. This is the most original and fun Russian project in many years. If you miss inventive worlds and good jokes, don’t miss it.

“The magic plot”: where to watch?

“Magic Plot” is released on Okko. Two episodes of eight are now available, with the last airing on December 28.

The video is available on the Okko Online Cinema YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to Okko.

Unusual world

Movies and TV series based on Russian folk tales are often released, but the worlds there are always trite. Baba Yaga lives in a hut in the middle of the forest, the Serpent Gorynych burns wooden cities, and the heroes lie in the village stove. Boredom!

In The Magic Lot everything is different: the events take place in the present day and the heroes use new technologies. For example, Baba Yaga has become an Internet scammer who promotes dubious cryptocurrencies and leprechauns don invisible caps and rob banks.

Magical things and mythical creatures create a lot of problems: either the Serpent Gorynych will burn half the city, or invisible gnomes will move into the apartment and drive the residents crazy. To deal with such problems, the magical police were created. She is similar to the usual one in everything (cameras, handcuffs, UAZ), but she specializes in fairy tale cases.

Naturally, a special detachment uses legendary things in its work: running boots give super speed, self-dancing harps make enemies dance, and a treasure sword cuts off the heads of the most powerful scoundrels. It’s really fun to see how these little things work in modern Moscow.

With a treasure sword over Gorynych

Photo: Okko

The funniest Russian series

When you watch “The Magic Lot” you often laugh out loud. You don’t smile, you don’t laugh happily, but you lean over and clutch your stomach. Each episode is full of well-written and well-told jokes.

The main source of humor is the foul-mouthed dwarf played by comedian Ilya Sobolev. His facial expressions, gestures and voice constantly create funny situations and calm the situation after tough battles. The “18+” age rating helps the character to open up: it is as if there are no taboo topics or unacceptable phrases in the series: they joke about everything and harshly.

Some of the humor is based on folklore. Just look at the end of the second episode, where the heroes use the wrong harp and start dancing in the most inappropriate situation. It turned out to be as funny as possible.

Ilya Sobolev got used to the role perfectly.

Photo: Okko

All the characters are memorable.

There are many characters in the series and they all have a bright spot or their best moment. Take Baba Yaga, for example, who will do anything to make money. The old woman even transforms into a beauty and strips naked on camera for money. Believe me, you’ve never seen a witch like this before!

Or the head of the magic section. In the first episode, he accidentally eats a rejuvenating apple and turns into a boy. In this way, he conducts interviews, interrogations, planning meetings, all with the rudeness of an important boss, which, due to his appearance, sounds especially ridiculous.

The main role is played by Nikolai Naumov, the same Kolyan from “Real Boys.” Once his hero was a marksman in an elite squad, but now he drank himself to death. Serving on a magical team is your last chance to stay afloat. Naumov plays well the role of an ordinary person who has just learned about fairy tale creatures and is trying to be useful. He’s a joy to watch, as are the other characters.

The head of the magic section in an unusual situation.

Photo: Okko

Each episode has many exciting moments.

“The Magic Site” is a procedural in which the characters solve a new problem in each episode. In the first series, the enemies are goblins with invisible hats, in the second – the deadly Serpent Gorynych with a split personality. Each confrontation is accompanied by drama and epic: either the heroes are captured or Moscow burns with a blue flame.

There is also a cross plot. He is related to Koshchei, who acts as a sort of Voldemort. He once upon a time was a villain who gathered evil creatures and almost took over the world; Fortunately, he was defeated. Since then, everyone considers Koshchei to be dead, but in reality he is gaining strength and is about to return. What is he capable of? What kind of problem will he create? I would like to know as soon as possible.

Baba Yaga easily changes her appearance

Photo: Okko

The visuals and cinematography are top notch.

The images are impressive from the first frames. We are shown a crow that flies over the main attractions of Moscow: from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to the city of Moscow. The camera follows him all the time and without editing. It looks luxurious!

There are many moments in the series where you feel like the creators of the series tried really hard. They thought about the interior of each room, chose good angles and brought the shots to perfection. That’s why you can’t find fault with the visual.

There are many beautiful shots in the series.

Photo: Okko

“The Magic Lot”: is it worth watching?

Definitely yes. This is a beautiful, exciting and unusual series that you will want to watch in one go.

Watch the series “The Magic Plot” only on Okko with a 30-day subscription for 1 ruble!

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