Five new social impact startups you should know about

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Innovation must be rewarded, encouraged and supported so that creative projects with a social vocation can move forward. There are many initiatives that seek to create alliances, generate social wealth and reduce digital, social and territorial gaps thanks to the correct use of connectivity. Likewise, they contribute directly to environmental sustainability or the fight against climate change, an objective more necessary than ever and common for the entire society.

With this aim, the Cellnex Bridge program of the Cellnex Foundation was born, which, together with the accelerator AtticoLab and the social innovation consultancy Innuba, promote startups so that their projects become a reality and are maximized. Biofood Network, Citizens Immigration, Dive, ForestChain and NeurekaLab are the beneficiaries of the financial support and personalized advice provided by this third edition of the program.

“Cellnex Bridge is a gateway to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Not only do we provide the tools and resources necessary for startups to thrive, but we also seek to foster an environment of mutual support and collaboration,” explains the director of the Cellnex Foundation, Àngels Ucero.

“We seek to foster an environment of mutual support and collaboration”

Each startup will have the comprehensive support and advice of exclusive mentors, members of the AticcoLab network and the knowledge of Cellnex managers and specialists. These will accompany these emerging companies in the process of defining, executing and measuring a proof of concept (PoC) that will allow them to grow and realize their full potential.

Get the most out of your potential

“Our goal is to turn startups into proven successful projects,” says Ucero. The way forward involves the participation of entrepreneurs in theoretical-practical workshops on business and impact topics; round tables for dialogue and learning on social and environmental problems; workshops for the development of soft skills and group coaching for personal and collective development.

Likewise, the Cellnex Foundation will also contribute 15,000 euros to each of the emerging companies that have been awarded. In addition, they will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from other entrepreneurs through the community that has been formed between startups, organizations and experts participating in previous editions. Nine projects with different profiles have entered this ecosystem.

The novelty of this edition will be the extension of the program, which is extended from six months to eight, allowing greater support for startups, both in their business plans and in their social impact purposes. They will also be offered advantages such as subscription to different digital services and programs with AticcoLab partners such as Amazon, HubSpot and Stripe, among others, as well as the possibility of being present at the next Mobile World Congress 2024 together with the company Cellnex Telecom.

Technology and connectivity

For the third consecutive year, the program has broken its own participation record, receiving a total of 70 applications through the Foundation’s website, which denotes its constant growth. The new startups in this program passed a pre-selection and were selected by an expert committee.

This third edition received up to 70 applications

Technology and connectivity have been the common points of the five emerging companies that have obtained this recognition, applied to areas such as education, rural areas, protection of vulnerable groups and sustainability. Biofood Network is a clear example of this, being a unique network in Spain that supports organic producers, retailers and entrepreneurs in our country through a short agri-food distribution channel.

The Citizens Immigration company helps migrants living in an irregular situation to obtain their papers in a simple, transparent way and at a fair cost, helping families and individuals to overcome all bureaucratic obstacles. For its part, Dive proposes solutions to early detect the existence of a fire through its experience in processing images in real time using deep learning algorithms.

Artificial intelligence is Neureka Lab’s resource to detect and intervene in learning difficulties in school-age children. Finally, ForestChain is a blockchain-based digital platform for the timber industry, to ensure the traceability of raw wood, improve company management and productivity, facilitate sustainable forestry certification and compliance with legal requirements.

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