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Update Post: November 30, 2023 5:24 pm

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Today, an American figure skater made new revelations Vincent Zhouwho was on the United States Olympic team.

“My teammates and I are aware of widespread doping among other Russian skaters. “Unfortunately, this should not surprise anyone, given that a non-compliant anti-doping organization still faces the task of ensuring the integrity of sport in Russia,” the American fumed in statements to the BBC.

Zhou’s full statement:

A famous American figure skater criticized the IOC and CAS for the Valieva case 21:03 Valery Kukalev

What do you think the CAS arbitrators will finally decide?

20:48 Valeria Kukaleva

What threatens the skater?

The maximum possible penalty requested by WADA and the ISU is four years. Most likely, the execution of the sentence will begin from the moment of passing the positive doping test; therefore, the disqualification will end in December 2025.

Taking into account extenuating circumstances, Valieva may be banned for two years – The figure skater herself agrees with this (although without canceling the results). In this case, Camila will be able to compete in the new year 2024.

Of course, both a reprimand and no strict disqualification, as well as a full acquittal, are possible, but even RUSADA does not agree with a full acquittal, and here’s why:

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Does our anti-doping agency also demand Valieva’s disqualification? Let’s clarify the situation.

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