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If there’s one character that Dragon Ball fans have a special affection for, it’s Piccolo, the most powerful green-skinned Namekian we’ve seen throughout the series. His distinctive appearance and his evolution throughout Akira Toriyama’s story made him indispensable to the development of this shonen’s plot. In this sense, many fans of the series have wondered why Piccolo and the other Namekians are green. Although we haven’t received a concrete answer from Toriyama, we have the following theories.

Why are Piccolo and Namekians green?

Namekian Biology: Namekians have a different biology than humans and Saiyans. They have green skin, antennae on their heads, and distinctive facial features, besides, of course, the obvious green color of their skin. This aspect may be a natural characteristic of the species.

Image: Toei Animation

Planet Namek Conditions: Piccolo and the rest of his race come from Planet Namek, which is known for its clear water and clear atmosphere. Perhaps these environmental conditions contributed to the green color of their skin.

Genetics: In Piccolo’s case, his skin color is due to his own genetics, which may seem obvious, although it is not so obvious, especially considering that he is an Earth Namekian. Piccolo was originally an evil being named Piccolo Daimaku, but after being defeated by Goku, he regenerated and took on a more peaceful nature. His new appearance, including the green color, carried over into his revived form.

The truth is that, regardless of his skin color, Piccolo will always be known for both his powerful fighting abilities and his development as a character, going from villain to brave ally and mentor to Gohan, Goku’s son.

Why do you think Akira Toriyama decided that Piccolo would be green?


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