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Update Post: November 30, 2023 12:47 am

Director McG got his start behind the camera making music videos for tons of iconic ‘90s bands, and he has since moved on to make many films and TV series, but one of his most successful franchises consisted of the two films Charlie’s Angels and its sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. The films starred Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu, as well as a star-studded ensemble in each film. The movies were funny and action-packed, and it turns out that McG would be willing to return for a third one if the opportunity arose.

In a recent interview with EW while promoting the director’s upcoming Netflix comedy, Family Switch, starring Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms, McG said he’d be up for one more big adventure with Barrymore and the crew, though he’s also very happy to “pass the torch” to another filmmaker.

“It would take a long discussion with those three wonderful performers who I adore. I was very happy to see Elizabeth Banks take the helm and do what she did, which was fun. There always seems to be chatter about that. I’m very happy to discuss it with Drew and Cameron and Lucy, but at the same time, I’m very happy to pass the torch. I mean, I love the Tim Burton Batman movies, I love the new Batman movies. It’s just sort of like there can be a keeper of the flame and you can pass the torch.”

He went on to say:

“Who knows? Maybe we’ve got one left in us that tells a very compelling story if the opportunity presents itself. I love the three of them so much. They put me on the map. They looked out for me when I was a first-time filmmaker. I was very nearly fired off that film on many, many occasions, and Drew stood up for me and I’m forever indebted to her. And obviously, those are three performers where God broke the mold. They don’t make ’em like that. I mean, those are three special ones.”

Barrymore said on her talk show last year that she would return for another film with Liu and Diaz “in a heartbeat.” “I would be surprised if any one of us ever decreed that we wouldn’t [do a third movie],” she said. “I would. I would in a heartbeat. The answer is an emphatic yes. I will always say yes.” In 2020, Barrymore even staged a Charlie’s Angels reunion for the premiere episode of her show, welcoming her former costars and longtime pals as her very first guests.

I would love to see another Charlie’s Angels movie with these people involved! I love the first two movies, and I think it would be great to see them return for one more story.

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